Aussie kit week - Day 5 - Spin Cycle Clothing

Aussie kit week - Day 5 - Spin Cycle Clothing

For day 5, I spoke to modern Renaissance man Nathaniel Peek, the brains (and all other body parts) behind Spin Cycle Clothing. He's a man of rare intelligence, talent, and a solid gold nice dude.  He's also a relentless designer with an amazing eye for shapes and patterns.

Pictures - Lana Adams

What is the design philosophy behind your kits? 

The Spin philosophy is about creating something new, there isn’t really a pathway for that and I need to stay open to new ideas.  I am creating up to 40 designs a week for custom and future seasons/ltd editions, the ideas need to keep coming so I have a very steady routine each day.  I spend most mornings with a coffee searching through books, blogs and magazines looking for interesting shapes, colour schemes on Kuler and trends.  Because the kits are now very much perfected I don’t need to spend too much time looking at fabrics and technologies and that certainly frees the mind for design.

What do you want people to think when they see your kits? 

I think, like all brands, you want to be seen for your quality and performance.  We have a racing philosophy and so performance is really what came first but cycling is such a fashionable sport now so the ‘look’ has almost over taken the performance side.  Also, the fabrics and chamois are so good now riders can just concentrate on the style and brand they want to be associated with.  

How do you want people to feel when they wear your kits? 

Firstly, I want them to be comfortable and to not think about what they are wearing.  Most riders will know that if your kit starts annoying you your mood can soon deteriorate.  Secondly, I want my customer to feel unique.

How do you feel when you see people riding in your kits? 

It is a great feeling especially because we create very limited runs and a load of custom One-Off items so to see someone is very special and rare.  I really want to take Spin to the next level now, 16 months of developments will hopefully see more riders in unique cycling creations all over the world.

What were you doing before starting Spin Cycle?

Really don’t know where to start with this answer, I think I have covered most careers but the past 10-15 year Creative/Media/Marketing/Software Development positions.