Aussie kit week - Day 3 - Biketivist

Aussie kit week - Day 3 - Biketivist

Today we check in with newcomers to the kit game Biketivist. The Adelaide-based setup sure knows how to turn heads and rattle cages with their kit. Remember their name, we reckon they're gonna do well in the Aussie kit scene. We chatted to Juan Briceno about his brand.

Photos by Lana Adams

What is the design philosophy behind your kits?  

Our mantra is #LookRadNotPretty, so we simply design stuff that will make you look rad and not pretty.

What do you want people to think when they see your kits?  

‘where-did-ya-get-that-sick-kit?’ kind of way.

How do you want people to feel when they wear your kits?

Our apparel range is not only rad but also crafted for top performance. When choosing our garments, we don’t compromise comfort, quality and performance to add a few margin points to our bottom line. The garments that I sell are the same that I use and I’m particularly fussy when choosing my gear… We want people to feel like they are turning heads for all the right reasons.

How do you feel when you see people riding in your kits?

Stoked and humble every single time :) 

What were you doing before starting Biketivist/are still doing while running Biketivist?

I’m still a Brand Manager for a FMCG company. It’s a job that I really enjoy, it brings different challenges and I get to work with a pretty good bunch of people (plus this is what pay the bills lol). Biketivist is a passion/personal project which is the cherry on top. I enjoy putting the extra hours on the business, firstly because I love everything cycling related and secondly because of my entrepreneurial spirit. The fact of doing something by yourself, taking risks and learning new stuff everyday is something that I truly enjoy.

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