Aussie kit week - Day 6 - VeloOne

I first met Melbourne bothers Brad and Glenn Akers a couple of years ago when sponsored the Three Day Tour. They were just getting started with VeloOne, 2 years on they on there third season of kit they are producing a high quality, classic and timeless kit... They are also two of the best blokes you'll meet.

VeloOne 1.png

What is the design philosophy behind VeloOne?

The VeloOne philosophy is a reflection of timeless, classic, contemporary styling. We seek longevity in our designs through subtle understatement and flare. We want our designs to remain on the road, not in the wardrobe.

What do you want people to think when they see the kits?

"That looks classy"  great design that is not over the top and of course... where do I get that!

How do you want people to feel wearing the kits?

Like they are wearing their passion.

Comfortable and confident, whether it be a local coffee ride or high end endurance challenge.

We want them to admire all aspects of their kit, from its fit, feel, look and performance. The kit should feel like a second skin and not distract from the rider's enjoyment. Simply said is should feel amazing!

We believe we've found the balance in product comfort, performance and resilience but we'll keep striving to evolve and improve.

How do you feel when you see people wearing your kit?

Incredibly proud, humbled and appreciative of the support!

We love to see the output of our work, like an architect looking at a building they've designed. Seeing our kit and/or socks on people continues to inspire and motivate us to create more. And we will!

Our kids love to point out our kits or socks on cyclists (“they’re your socks Daddy!”).

And when we're in the car we like stopping cyclists in our gear occasionally to thank them for their support, with a free pair of socks!

What were you doing before/as well as VeloOne?

We are two brothers, we both work full time in our 'day to day' jobs (for now...), and we both have young families.

Glenn runs operations within a bank and has a background is design / multimedia.  Whereas I have my own business in commercial advisory and negotiations associated with large infrastructure projects.

And we are always trying to squeeze in riding our bikes.

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