Black Sheep Cycling - Be part of the movement

Photo: Aaron Smith,

We’ve been talking with the team at Gold Coast based Black Sheep Cycling.  As a brand offering bold and elegant designs they are quickly gaining a huge following.

We've had an exclusive preview of Season Two, the designs look great - One thing is for sure, you’ll need to be quick if you want to get your hands on a piece of the Black Sheep action!

Report: Mike Boudrie

Photography: Andrew Clifforth & Aaron Smith


Black Sheep Cycling has a simple goal; to combine their own signature style with the very best cycling-specific materials. Each garment is made using European fabrics and trims, brought together using the very latest manufacturing techniques. They want you left feeling unique and a little special when you are out on the bike.

Black Sheep Cycling was an idea between two friends. One is an experienced garment developer, the other a Professional Athlete. Between them they have a solid mix of cycling garment knowledge, compeititve experience, and a simple love for the road. With Season Two about to hit, Black Sheep Cycling has become a fully-fledged brand with its own direction and identity.

We spent some time chatting with the Black Sheep team...

Tell us about Black Sheep Cycling

Black Sheep Cycling’s mission is to have a distinct and unique selling point, ‘to create visually impressive clothing for the conscientious cyclist’.

Black Sheep is not about pleasing the masses. Not everyone will love our designs but that is clothing and that is fashion. Ultimately we want to reduce the gap between what people wear on the bike and what people wear off it.

The Black Sheep ‘Movement’ is gaining momentum, what exactly is it?

The ‘Movement’ is a club-like membership. It aims to support those with a likeminded approach with guaranteed ‘Pre-Release’ allocations and exclusive pricing.

With demand for Season One being so high it’s well worth signing up if you want a piece of Black Sheep gear.


You’re quickly gaining a solid social media following, the pages look great, what’s the goal there?

We’ve made a real effort across all forms of social media and our website to simply show that cycling can be more attractive!  We want to create a sleek, minimalist, yet bold look that people will remember.

Tell us about your first season…

Season One was launched in October 2014 and immediately gathered a massive amount of attention both on the road and on social media. 

We launched two men’s styles cheekily named after prominent sheep breeds, the Spotted Jacob and Blue Cormo.  We sold out our Pre-Release allocation almost instantly, and the response was very similar when we went public.

Photo: Andrew Clifforth

What’s next from BSC? 

For Season Two we are hoping for another strong response from the ‘Movement’ and from new customers. We received fantastic feedback form our customers, which will hopefully be long-term supporters of the brand.

Planned for release on 1st February, there will be two Men’s styles, and thankfully, two Female styles. We will then release new seasons every quarter.  Also look out for a range of accessories, and a very slick winter range is also on its way. 

Photo: Andrew Clifforth

Photo: Andrew Clifforth

Any final thoughts?

The appearance of boutique brands such as Black Sheep Cycling in the cycling garment industry is both refreshing and invigorating. 

We love how these are brands that ooze passion for their sport and for the way they look. Black Sheep Cycling is breaking down some negative stereotypes all whilst pushing the boundaries with what kind of quality is possible in a cycling garment. 

La Velocita

We’ve been lucky enough to get a sneak peak of Black Sheep’s Season two range of kit that is due to be released on 1 February 2015.  We’ll be posting a full review soon, so be sure to watch this space.

A big thank you to the guys at Black Sheep Cycling for taking the time to get involved with La Velocita!