So the huge event of the year is rapidly approaching. Father’s Day. The awesome people at Hannmaid sent me a pile of cool dad's stuff to save us from the tyranny of undies and bad chocolate. 


As you're pounding the corporate corridors of your marble clad office on the 50th floor of 101 Collins Street, looking very busy and important it can be hard to signal to other cyclists that may be in the vicinity that you are also one. Lucky for us, we've found Hannmaid. Very nicely made corporate and classy casual accessories.

We have landed some awesome cufflinks and  a super styling silk pocket square that will add that je ne sais quoi to your very stylish suit... Also, if you're a rider that stays suited up for the ride as often did (I'm so euro), I also love the 'slap bands' that protect suit pants from being eaten by your chain rings on your way to collecting your RCC free coffee and perusing that latest Rapha 'celebration'.


On Father’s Day, if I arrive home after a ride (where I've PR'd every segment of my local loop in perfect weather), to find my two little nuggets with massive smiles on their faces demolishing the kitchen as they prepare breakfast, that's a pretty perfect morning for me... that could only be improved by a little something special from Hannmaid alongside a homemade card...

So, drop the hint's, leave the computer on the Hannmaid home screen... or perhaps the Baum website if you're feeling particularly ambitious, and keep your fingers crossed in the hope that you don't get another pair of mission brown undies.

Head over to Hannmaid at www.hannmaid.com ... gifts start at just under $10.

There are even some goodies for the mums, earings, silk scarfs and more. 

Drop your email in the subscribe box below to be in the running to win a a pair of cufflinks... just in case fathers day does not work out.