In just about every office I have been in there's some drably framed degree or qualification certificate on the wall. Do yourself a favour and ditch that and show your love of cycling and design with one of Simon Telfer's beautiful Veloposters.


In my old life,  I would sit in a tall building, looking out of my window at the Dandenongs in the distance, wishing I was there and not at my desk. It was while doing this I came to the realisation that having your degree, qualification certificate or membership on your wall was potentially the most boring thing in the world. I would not hang it on the wall in my house so why would I bother having it on the wall here? I've got a few certificates kicking about, but I'm not sure where they are. Certainly not on a wall anywhere.

So then the question is, what do you put on your wall in a place you spend a lot of your life? I'm thinking that a good place to start is with one, two or three (or more if you're really keen) Veloposters. I seriously love these things, the designs are simple and speak to me. The hardest bit is trying to work out which one (two, or three) to buy. 

I spoke to Simon Telfer, the designer behind the artworks. He told me that he started off five years ago by putting a poster together for a mate's birthday. It captured his fiends 3 Peaks experience. That was the start, a post on Instagram and a series of prints depicting water bottles went crazy and Veloposters was born.

If there's noting that catches your eyes, that I think is pretty unlikely, Simon can put together a custom design and print for you... (watch out for a La Velocita one coming). Most of the prints are hand made in Melbourne, limited, signed and numbered so they qualify as original art. 

Head on over to to check them out, prices start from a very reasonable $75 AUD. 

This is not a paid or promoted post. I just love Veloposters and thought you might to.