The Weekly Rider - Garry Millburn

The Weekly Rider - Garry Millburn

Chasing the CX National Champs. 

Images - Jeff Curtes.

Name: Garry Millburn

Lives: Sydney

Dream bike

I'm already riding my dream bike, the Speedvagen Roadie. Ive had a bit of a thing for handmade steel bikes for a couple of years, I saw a Mosaic being built up in a bike shop and from that moment was pretty taken by them. I think its knowing something was built especially for you, the time, consideration and effort.

Favorite local ride

Coluzzi, its a Saturday institution. Always a solid session with plenty of banter. From Darlinghurst down to the Royal National Park - where its an all out smash fest to break as many people as possible. This isn't one for the faint hearted.

My current cycling goal is...

...To win CX National Champs


When I am on the bike I... to seek adventures, getting off the beaten track and going places I didnt even know existed.

How did your love for bikes come about?

I moved from Tharwa to Melbourne as a youngster and the motorbikes went and the mountain bikes came. My first bike was a Specialized Hardrock Sport, with rigid forks, who needs suspension! I started racing and really just loved it, challenging myself with the different terrain and skills, it was quite addictive and I couldn't get enough.

Share a cycling memory

Late last year a mate and I decided to ride 325kms in a day, the challenge was to do it in daylight with a decent average speed. Afterwards we decided it wasn't so hard and planned a 400km ride. We set out at day break, 5000m elevation, 30.8km/h average and 406kms later...we made it. It was an epic day out with plenty of pies consumed and high levels of stoke...the question is, whats next...?

I love to ride because...

...It's fun! Shredding on mountain bikes, gravel rides with mates, racing cyclocross, there is so much you can do on two wheels and there is always an adventure to be had.