The Weekly Rider - Lisa Jacobs

Lisa Jacobs is the La Velocita Weekly Rider. Lisa is a dual CX Australian Champion and rides for Rapha-Focus... on top of her obvious racing and training commitments Lisa manages to fit in a full time job as a lawyer. Amazing.

La Velocita's Mike Boudrie caught up with Lisa to find out why she loves to ride.

Name: Lisa Jacobs

Lives: Kew, Melbourne

Dream bike: My Focus Mares CX 0.0 team bike. I love it.

Favourite local ride: The ‘Belgie’, an early morning smashfest on CX or road bikes on Wednesdays in inner Melbourne. It has a strict ‘no waiting, no mercy, nowhere to hide’ policy. Now that it’s getting colder it’s that kind of attitude that will get me through the winter.

My current cycling goal is some good results at CX world cups this year, and a top 20 finish at CX world champs in Jan 2016.

When I am on the bike I …generally think about my après-bike coffee. 

How did your love for bikes come about: I started road racing through a national talent identification program run through the Institute of Sport. I was lucky to be given some amazing opportunities to race around the world and it’s changed my life.

Share a cycling memory: I was on the start line for Cross Vegas (a CX race in the US) last year and was chatting to the other girls who had been called up around me. I don’t get the chance to follow international racing much, and when I overheard the cool chick (Cath) next to me talking about mountain biking we struck up a conversation. It went something like this: 

Me: So, you’re a mountain biker?

Cath: Yep.

Me: How’s your season been?

Cath: Oh, it’s kind of finished now. We just had world champs.

Me: Cool. How did you go?

Cath: I won.

Me: Ohhh…. You’re Cath Pendrel

I love to ride because: I love the friendships you make on the bike and the people you meet. My bike has introduced me to some amazing people and environments that I never would have known otherwise. And there’s something so beautiful and collusive about being out before dawn with a bunch of friends while the world is asleep. It’s like we all share this big secret.