The Weekly Rider - Jeff Curtes

Jeff Curtes is the Weekly Rider. Professional photographer, Cyclocross racer for The Vanilla Workshop’s Speedvagen Family Racing, and newly appointed ‘all things Speedvagen’ here in Australia.

Name - Jeff Curtes

Lives - Sydney, with my Australian wife and two kids, Fin and Bowie. Works from and still feels at home in Portland, Oregon. Grew up and have two fast brothers back in Midwestern USA

Dream bike - A vintage Eddy Merckx in original 7-11 scheme and build

Favourite local ride - Palm Beach to Church Point to Akuna Bay

My current cycling goal is... Be fast for USA CX season in October

When I am on the bike I... Am spending the day doing the right thing #prohours

How did your love for bikes come about? Probably BMX as a kid, the competitiveness from growing up with two brothers didn’t hurt either.  Living in The Rocky Mountains was all about mountain biking, and years living in Portland brought on the Cyclocross bug

Share a cycling memory - First ‘cross race…Alpenrose Dairy, the local Portland Cross Crusade series opener.  Sat in my car watching a YouTube video clinic about barriers and basics….stepped out, pinned up, and raced the shit outta of Vanilla singlespeed which I had just talked Sacha White to sell to me.  Addiction began that race.

I love to ride because... It’s time alone, it’s time with friends, it’s time with my family.  But when it snows, I go snowboarding J