The Weekly Rider - Dustin Adderley

Dustin Adderley is the Weekly Rider. Riding with Rapha Cycle Club, working hard on the bike and taking on Melbourne's famed 'Belgie' are just the beginning.

Balancing a demanding job negotiating the Western Distributor toll road (an alternative to the West Gate bridge) with the Victorian government, while dealing with two demanding dachshunds keeps him busy... but most importantly he loves to ride. We find out why.

Images - Jeff Curtes

Name - Dustin Adderley.

Lives - Melbourne

Dream bike

Hmm – Passoni for road, Mosaic Titanium Gravel for everything else.

Favorite local ride

The rolling hills to Melbourne’s north (Flat Rock, Mine, Hewitts, Menzies etc.) The Belgie

My current cycling goal is... To drop Neil Robinson up the Pony Club on a Tuesday morning

When I am on the bike I...

  • Daydream
  • Like to push myself
  • Think about where we’re stopping for coffee
  • Commute to/from work
  • Am dressed in Rapha

How did your love for bikes come about? 

No real idea…… probably a combination of factors:

  • I started riding to offset long working hours
  • I wanted to be as cool as Ben Hegerty
  • My gym-junkie phase was going nowhere
  • I developed some great friendships

Share a cycling memory

Early October 5-6 years ago, I was ignorant, riding solo, utterly frozen and soaked by the time I reached the Donna Buang summit. The descent was hideous. My car’s heater and the subsequent bakery visit were not.

I love to ride because...

I also love to eat; the two off-set and facilitate each other quite well.


Let us know if there's someone you'd like to see as the La Velocita Weekly Rider! Only criteria is that they must love to ride....

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