The Weekly Rider - Griffin Knight

Meet Griff; one of SA’s up and coming triple threats

Griff Knight is a talent to be reckoned with; a mountain biker who transitioned to CX, then road, and wins across all disciplines. He’s also a solid gold fella who gives a lot back. So naturally we’re stoked to have him as our Weekly Rider!

What’s your dream bike?

I don’t really know to be honest. I ride that many disciplines that it is very hard to say. My Giant Anthem Advanced Pro 1 that I just got thanks to Giant Adelaide is so sick and is probably the closest I’ve got to a dream bike. It’s stealth black but it has like reflecto-rainbow decals which change colour in the light. It’s kind of like me, pretty quiet and lowkey on the daily, but when the right light hits it, it bursts with colour, or I’d like to think that way anyway!

The Anthem is a beast of a bike though, it is a very very handy climber and chugs anything rolly or rough, and it is a weapon on the downs. It feels like a fully fledged enduro rig that still steers, which is a wicked sensation. I’m still trying work out how fast I can go before I get way too loose aboard it, there's a lot of boundaries to push!


What is your favourite local ride?

My favourite local ride includes many of the technical, skinny trails around Lynton and the Venison trail near Mount Osmond. Otherwise my backyard in Craigburn Farm and any gravel hills riding is a sure favourite, especially Queen’s Jubilee Drive in Belair National Park.

What is your current cycling goal?

My current cycling goal is to build focus, skills and specific fitness to go as fast as I can in many disciplines!

When I am on the bike I.... : I am clear, focused, centred and balanced, and I am creatively active.


How did your love of bikes come about?

My love of bikes came about through my Dad who introduced me to cycling shortly after I could walk. I was encouraged to experience many disciplines of cycling soon after and felt at home on a mountain bike!

Share a favourite cycling memory

Going riding with friends and going one up with each other. Whether it’s on the road and it’s attack after attack, or on the trail and its railing corner after corner. Pushing the boundaries with friends is the biggest connector and always brings vivid memories.


I love to ride because....

I just smile and get an endless grin, inside and out. Getting sideways and creative with the terrain contributes to my love to ride. I also love the feeling of racing and or riding for a long time, pushing my body into new territory, and overcoming it mentally.

What else keeps you busy?

I am currently studying Health and Medical Sciences (Advanced) at the University of Adelaide. I am still unsure where I’m heading with it but I hope to contribute to many other’s lives. I love all sorts of science from physics to psychology.

At the moment I am a kitchen hand / dishy at Cafe Balthazar Pasadena, which is a lovely family owned Italian cafe just out the front of the boujie Foodland there. I sometimes make pizza, sandwiches, salads and things otherwise I’ll be out the back scrubbing pans!

I am a level 1 MTBA Skills Coach too, I love to share my knowledge and how I see this world as a giant playground to push our skills on. I am helping out with the Giant Adelaide Junior Dirt Skills program which is getting massive numbers of kids into riding and pushing them right up to seriously awesome skill levels. I’m counting down the days until these kids rip me on the race track, yeesh.

Apart from that, I’m interested in anything related to our environment, arts, music and different viewpoints on life. Currently living amongst the trees beside the trails up at Craigburn Farm and I couldn’t have it any other way.

Who are your sponsors and supporters?

Gravier CC, Giant Adelaide Spin Cycle Clothing, Curve Cycling, POC Australia, and A’Bloc Mineral Water (I don't drink!)