The Weekly Rider - Riley Wolff

The Weekly Rider - Riley Wolff

Our Weekly Rider is Riley Wolff. He's a reformed runner, one helluva photographer, and is totally committed to having fun on the bike. Tattoo game is pretty damn strong too.

Where do you live? 

Richmond, Victoria

Dream Bike and why

You know, I kind of look at bikes like tools. I never got into the whole handmade custom thing; I certainly respect that industry but I just want to feel like I'm on something fast that lets me go and have fun. I'm extremely lucky to be on the latest Giant TCR Advanced SL 0 DA Di2 right now, and it's perfect for me. It's actually super light and I'm impressed by the stiffness; this is my first bike with an ISP and I'm a big fan! 

That said, I do want to build up a new CX bike with a pretty special theme in mind. Not sure when it will happen, but it will happen!

What is your favourite local ride and why?

My favourite local ride is in the Dandenongs outside of Melbourne. I grew up out there and HATED it. Couldn't wait to move away. Now I live in the city and love getting back to the Nongs every weekend. Occasionally when I ride out there I'll drop in and see mum at a cafe. She freaks out that I don't wear padding like motorcycle riders! She generally pays for the coffee when we catch up too, so that's a win!

What is your current cycling goal?

I have a couple, neither of them related to watts per kg or gold medals. Personally I just want to keep doing cool stuff with my mates. I love every minute out on the bike with them and none of us know when life will change; I value what I have in regard to being able to have so much fun with my group of friends. 

My other goal is around my shooting. I've had an awesome 2016, shooting various races and for brands and teams that I really respect, but I'm never really satisfied with it. I'm pretty driven around my shooting just like the guys racing are for what they do. I can't wait for CX season and some other big plans later in the year.

When I am on the bike I....

am not capable of thinking about anything else. Purely because I'm a rubbish bike handler.

How did your love of bikes come about?

I got into bikes through running. I have an addictive personality, and I was rehabbing a stress fracture in my leg a few years ago. While I couldn't run I picked up a commuter bike and would ride for an hour each morning; up and down St Kilda Road at 5am because it had a bike lane! 
I soon realised that I could run for 30 minutes each morning or ride for double that, and that's when cycling took over. 

I took about 12 months off running all together, but am now back into it in a big way. I might even take a month off riding through winter to prep for some running goals.

Share a cycling memory

Late last year a couple of us had this idea to take our bikes somewhere new. Luckily, one of our mates is a pilot and has access to aircraft, so we rode from the centre of Melbourne to the airport, then threw the CX bikes in the back of a plane. 

We flew down to Flinders Island, north-east of Tasmania. It's a big empty island with only a few hundred people living on it, and it was magic. We took some amazing roads and tracks around the south half of the island, had a beer at the pub for lunch, then flew back to Melbourne. 
We ended the day where we started - back in Melbourne for a beer in the city before riding home.

I love to ride because.... 

it incorporates so many of my favourite things. It's such a social sport, it keeps me fit and healthy, and it allows me to explore places I never otherwise would. I still shake my head when I ride back from the Nongs on a Saturday arvo and see people at cafe's in Richmond that are still eating their breakfast at 11am. It's brilliant, I love the healthy lifestyle.


I'm supported by the guys at Saint Cloud Bikes, legit one of the sickest shops I've been too. Nick, Sime, and Carina are really helpful and genuine, so thanks. I'm also supported by Giant, and grateful to be on their bikes. Also Oakley, a favourite brand as a kid and it's an honour to be associated with them.