The Weekly Rider - Max Hardy

Max is a hard hitter on the Adelaide cycling scene. You'll find him flogging the local climbs one day, flying around a CX race the next, and dropping some wattbombs in a club race the next weekend.

He's a certified bike nerd with an impressive stable of stallions that he's always riding when not studying a Bachelor of Science at Adelaide Uni. He might look familiar to our readers because he's our Adelaide model. Mostly because he's a bit of a dreamboat. 



Name: Max Hardy
Where do you live: South Australia

Dream Bike

Look KG396

What is your favourite local ride and why

Lazy Wednesdays / Freeway Friday - One is a great chill ride, the other is a total smashfest

What is your current cycling goal

Tour of Bright

When I am on the bike I....

Try not to talk about power meters

How did your love of bikes come about?

Found a bike on eBay that i fell in love with, then got in a bidding war, and the rest is history.

Share a cycling memory

Riding around Cambridge, NZ we met a German photographer, Falk Wenzel, who was touring around the country with his wife and two children. He was having a day off from towing the kids in a trailer, taking the chance to see the sights on the bike without having the full touring gear. For a guy riding a 90's mtb tourer conversion, he sure could descend. 

He mentioned that he once got to go to Adam Hansen's house in the Czech Republic, and have a look at his workshop where he makes his custom shoes. He also got a ride in Adam's 4x4 lamborghini... or ferrari... I can't recall. Maybe it was both?

I wasnt sure what to make of the whole story at the time, but when i got home and did a little bit of searching i managed to find the article he had taken the photos for

I love to ride because....

Bikes are great - you can really get whatever you want out of them. You could be pushing yourself to the absolute limit racing and training, or having bunny hop competitions with your friends - either way, you're riding a bike.

Max is lucky enough to sponsored by Treadly Bikes, and is a member of USG Racing.