The Weekly Rider - Nick Stillwell

Nick Stillwell is the La Velocita Weekly Rider! Cyling has been a journey to better health, new friends and a longer life.

Nick talks to La Velocita’s Mike Boudrie about why he loves to ride. 

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Name:  Nick Stillwell

Lives:  Melbourne Victoria

Dream bike: BMC Team Machine Di2, Pinarello F8 Di2 (N+1)

Favourite local ride:  I live two blocks off Beach Road so it’s number one by default – outside that I love a ride with the Rapha crew and the boys from Soigneur.

My current cycling goal is: Some more racing this season and to work on my climbing.

When I am on the bike I: love the time either by myself or with mates.  The comradery of cycling has been a great experience for me with so many people encouraging me on my cycling journey.  Just over 2 years ago I was 110+ kgs now I’m around the 76-77 kg level.

How did your love for bikes come about:  My dad had ridden roadies when I was young and I would have been 9 or 10 when I had my first proper road bike.  I then lived in the USA and raced some BMX during high school graduating to mountain bikes during University in Colorado. 

I then didn’t touch a bike for a number of years until about 4 years ago when my mate Bill got me back in the game.  Then I really ramped it up a couple of years ago as my weight had blown out and my health was suffering.

Share a cycling memory:  Just recently I had both my worst and best day on the bike during a weekend away with the guys from Soigneur.  I have done a number of ride weekends with them and have always ended up in the sag wagon.  I was working hard to get myself to a point I could complete one of their rides. 

A couple of weeks ago I made it through 153k’s, 1600 meters of vertical and over 6 hours riding without getting in the car – it was tough mentally and physically.  I have to really thank Jason from Soigneur and my buddy Jay for getting my through that one! 

I love to ride because:  I truly believe that cycling has saved my life or at least dramatically extended it.  I love being fitter and rolling fast with a big bunch of good riders.   

I find it hard to start the day without getting a ride in – the whole process sets me up for the day; up early, stretch the legs, talk smack with some mates, have a coffee then get some work done.  Riding makes me a better father, husband and, I feel, a better person.