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The Weekly Rider - David Rigney

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The Weekly Rider - David Rigney

David Rigney is the Weekly Rider! He's a married father of 2 girls and 1 boy and operates a small family business... When he's not busy with all that comes with that, he's one of the driving forces behind the Knights of Suburbia, a great group of riders that are helping stamp out the stigma associated with mental illness....  we've also heard that he loves Coles brand corn chips & IPA.


Name: David Rigney

Where do you live: Eltham, Victoria

Dream Bike

Giant's Rabobank edition TCR which I recently purchased and am rebuilding it with some mods. I have always been attracted to the colour scheme I guess they are a modern day classic.

What is your favourite local ride?

My favourite local ride is a Friday morning Bunchy with the NBRCC crew - AC/DC. There is a crew of us that head out from Eltham to meet them in town for the start at Stagger Lees in Brunswick st.

What is your current cycling goal?

My cycling goals are probably more related to growing our group (knights of Suburbia). Cycling has become an awesome vehicle for us in promoting mental health awarness, so continue growing the group and spreading the message to stamp out the stigma is my goal. Cycling & crit racing is sometimes a mental battle for me personally so I try and use this as motivation as it's nothing compared to what people with mental illness can go through.

When I am on the bike I....

...Love to stop for coffee and whinge about the hills.

How did your love of bikes come about?

I always loved it as a spectacle so probably 10 years ago picked myself up an Azzuri but got bored pretty quickly. I ended up putting away to collect dust I had been riding solo and didn't see the fun it as I didn't know about the whole cycling community and shop rides etc. Then one day about 5 years ago i was at the local carwash and a huge Bunchy rolled past l was blown away and quickly found out how to get involved. As a result we have grown our own 150 strong community where this is a hive of activity so no one ever has to ride alone.

Share a cycling memory

In 2015 we created a charity ride for the love me love you foundation that Kos is attatched to. We rode from Warrnambool back to Melb over 3 days. It was magic and I got to share this journey with a couple Aussie cycling legends in ( phil Anderson Shane Kelly ) and some of my closest friends. The memory's of event will never be fogotten. 2016 was just as good & no doubt this years coming up in october will be the same.

I love to ride because....

As I touched on earlier sometimes cycling is a bit of a mental battle for me mostly laziness lol. I guess I love to ride because its challenging I love that it gets my day started well, always feel great after a ride knowing I got out there.

A big thank you to everyone that has supported Kos & LMLY with crit racing and Ride With Me and on a personal level, Ivan Dennis and Verge Australia.