The Weekly Rider - Scott Rettino

Scott is an accountant, and is one half of the Instagram account @crosswatch, responsible for promoting cyclocross events and initiatives in Australia.

Scott is also one of the two Melbourne riders on adventure cycling team Over Yonder Racing... He's now also The Weekly Rider!



Name: Scott Rettino

Where do you live: Alphington, Victoria

Dream Bike

Can I only have one? I recently got a new bike, a Giant TCR Advanced SL0 with ETap so I am pretty sure I am riding my dream bike. Light, stiff and all blacked out. eTAP is really nice to use and it makes the build look quite tidy with only two cables.

What is your favourite local ride

The riding in Melbourne during the week is pretty good with some nice lumpy suburban routes but my favourite local ride would have to be out and up to Kinglake. There are quite a few different ways to get out there, rolling country side (hard to believe you're just out of Melbourne) and the climb is easily the best in Melbourne.


What is your current cycling goal

There are a few goals that I have set for myself this year but the main ones relate to cyclocross. I want to finish Top 10 at CX Nationals (I had an absolute shocker last year crashing out on the first lap and jamming my chain and shifter full of mud). The other goal is to snag some UCI points at the C2 event at Fields of Joy to open up the option of potentially doing a couple of races overseas.

When I am on the bike I....

I am relaxed, thinking about nothing else other than riding

How did your love of bikes come about?

I was going to the gym a lot and hated cardio so I started riding to the gym rather than driving. I had an old mountain bike that got stolen so I replaced it with a road bike, started commuting to work, stopped going to the gym and then cycling became a full blown addiction.

Share a cycling memory

It was a recent Over Yonder trip. We were riding along in rural NSW when our route took us up a "road" that looked very unused. It ended up being a 3 hour, 1200m ascent, hike-a-bike because it was so un-rideable. That pain was all forgotten once we started descending through a stunning forest just as the fog started to roll in, it was very surreal.

I love to ride because....

I get to hang out with my mates everyday, drink brews and banter about who will beat who in the next race that rolls around

Scott is supported by - Giant Bikes Australia, Giant Hampton, and POC.