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The Weekly Rider - Blake Norrish

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The Weekly Rider - Blake Norrish

Blake Norrish is the Weekly Rider! As if getting around in Melbourne Cycling League's new kit was not enough, he is also studying to be a dental technician, is an Apple Genius and is apparently extremely passionate about shaping surfboards, and batch brew.


Blake Norrish - Abbotsford, Victoria

Dream Bike

A custom built Panasonic titanium frame because I love hand made things especially ones made to order and get stoked on all things Japanese. On a recent trip to Japan I saw so many amazing steel/allot/titanium bikes and I sometimes forget that not everything has to be made of carbon. Though I would build it up as a racing bike. Plus who doesn't love consumer electronics.

What is your favourite local ride

I love my Tuesday morning ride with mates on the iconic Tour de Burbs loop. There's a perfect balance of pain and good times. We have a small bunch and push each other just enough to make the ride somewhat competitive but have had some incredible conversations amidst the heavy breathing and it's a ride where good ideas are often born.

What is your current cycling goal

Keeping up with people way faster than me as the summer crits come to an end and to find some good fortune and somehow get my hands on a CX bike (sponsors welcomed haha). Also to ensure that every ride ends with a coffee if it's before 12PM or a beer if after 12. This is something I will stick to moving forward without fail.

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When I am on the bike I....

Try to have as much fun as I possibly can, see new things and meet as many people as I can (and look good, of course). If I'm riding alone I use my time on the bike to run through ideas in my head, plan something new or deal with any issues I'm facing and sweat it all out.

How did your love of bikes come about?

I used to be a BMX bandit as a kid but when I moved to Melbourne, got a fixed track bike and later discovered crit racing did I realise I was entering an addiction. I would go and watch the crits armed with a camera and a beer and became hooked on the idea of getting my own bike. Now racing is fun but it's secondary to just going riding with mates and having a good time and I sure as hell won't be giving up bikes any time soon.

Share a cycling memory

Just last week I was riding along the boulevard, the wind in my hair, the buzz of the afternoon and long shadows of afternoon light greeting me at every turn. I took my jersey off - and it was then that I felt free as a bird, at one with my bicycle and afraid of nothing. All in the little ring. This was a glimpse into the cosmos.

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I love to ride because....

I can do things as mentioned in the previous question and still have friends - and somehow they are all super talented in so many pursuits of life. In all seriousness though it is hard to explain the feeling of riding a bike. It's a satisfaction that no matter how much pain we ourselves through we will still wake up tomorrow and do it again, because we need our fix. It's a way for me to be myself and test myself and I like that.