The Weekly Rider - Stu Moysey

Currently, my life is dominated by my 5-month old… Samoyed puppy named Yoghurt. She is has totally thrown off my routine of cycling, but has replaced it with something very special. 

When not chasing after my domesticated polar bear, I am cruising around on my street spec single speed in search of the perfect batch brew + pastry combo, the winning combo can be found at Common Galaxia.

Stu Moysey a-top Mt Wellington.jpg

Name: Stu Moysey

Where do you live: Footscray, VIC

Dream Bike

Umm, this is a tricky one. Honestly I love any of the frames from Ritte would be a dream come true but something like the Vlaanderen would be a lot of fun to have out on the road. Ritte’s attention to detail, colour combinations and ability to produce a bike for serious riders whilst keeping it fun has always captured my imagination. 

Ritte V.png

There is a thoughtfulness directed at the end user that we don’t see from a lot of the major brands who are focused on selling the “marginal gains” that their bike can offer you. Ritte are more focused on selling you the fun and joy of the ride rather than that slight aero-advantage.

What is your favourite local ride?

I love the simplicity of my local loop, Footscray - Williamstown – Altona and back. There is all the benefits of Beach road, without any traffic lights, or traffic. Perfect for that lazy weekday roll.

What is your current cycling goal?

My current cycling goal is to start racing track, I know it’s not very specific, but I have been getting initiated up at Brunswick velodrome by some of their more passionate members over the last few weeks. 

Something has stirred inside me that I haven’t felt since I was a kid. To me riding track is a foreign style of riding but so much fun. Having never ridden a fixed gear bike made the experience that much more challenging and enjoyable. 

You have something that looks like a roads bike, sounds like a road bike but handles totally different to anything I’ve ridden before. Plus, the emphasis on positive culture and inclusiveness around the club has been a major draw card for me, it’s not often you walk into a group of strangers in the cycling world who welcome you so openly.

Stu Moysey on BIke.jpg

When I am on the bike I.... 

Feel transported, if it’s on a long climb I am feeling introspective or if I am on my daily commute I am hanging out and just taking in the familiar sights and sounds. I’ve really learnt to embrace all aspects of riding from the challenging to the mundane… except changing flats, I still hate changing flats.

How did your love of bikes come about?

When I was young my parents only had one car, so my mum would dink me on the top tube everywhere as they couldn’t get me my own bike just yet. 

Then when I was old enough, they got me a green BMX that I rode into the ground. I haven’t been able to stop me since. Riding a bike gave me absolute freedom at such a young age.


Share a cycling memory

In Jan I was fortunate enough to go and check out the Women’s TDU. I was blown away by the size, spectacle and the way the entire cycling community descends on Adelaide for 10 days. I didn’t even get to touch a bike as I was working, but it was such an awesome experience.

I love to ride because....

It’s simple. When I have a busy or confusing day, I know that I can just step onto my bike and ride. The simple pleasure of riding a bike just because, is what drives my love and passion for riding.