The Weekly Rider - Matthew Wearne

Matthew Wearne is the La Velocita Weekly Rider! He's balancing work and a young family, while preparing to head off to Kenya as founder of 'Ride from Poverty'. One there he'll be taking on an Everesting attempt in the mighty Rift Valley... 

Photography - Cazbar Photograpy

Name: Matthew Wearne

Lives: Point Cook, Melbourne

Dream bike: I own an S-Works Tarmac SL4, it was my dream bike a couple of years ago. I make an effort not to think about upgrades otherwise it will consume me ;)

However, in the back of my mind, I would like an S-Work CRUX, CX looks like a lot of fun, but I probably wouldn’t have the time to ride it.

Favourite local ride: The Hells500 #RFWYA (ride from where you are) on Tuesday mornings, a great bunch of riders/mates, a varied course, and good coffee.    

My current cycling goal is: It’s pretty soon actually, I’m heading to Kenya (at time of publication: I’m in Kenya right now) where I plan to do an Everest on a segment called  the “*Kenyan Riders Qualifier” which starts just down from the High Altitude training camp in Iten and continues down into the amazing Rift Valley. 

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I’m also running a marathon as part of an event called “Run from Poverty” a fundraiser for the One Heart Foundation ( One Heart is changing the lives of orphaned and abandon children living in Kenya, I’ve raised over $10k to help build a school. As part of my fundraising effort I launched “Ride from Poverty” with the idea to challenge cyclists to add a cause to their epic cycling adventures. After I run my marathon I plan to do my own epic on the bike!

*The Kenyan Riders are an initiative to create a pro Kenyan Team that will one day ride in the Tour. I have been chatting with one of the team’s coaches but unfortunately won’t be able to meet as they have just left for France.

When I am on the bike I… Feel free. There is nothing like the hitting the open road on bike. Unrestricted by traffic, riding with mates,  challenging yourself and pushing your physical limits, free flowing endorphins, having time to think, what’s not to love about being on a bike.

How did your love for bikes come about: Again the feeling of freedom riding my bike around the neighbourhood when I was a kid (something I’d never let my kids do now!)

Five years ago, after 10+ years away from riding, I had a goal to commute to work on a bike, so borrowed a bike from a friend, rode 27km to work and have never looked back.

Share a cycling memory: So many good memories, but some of the bad ones really stick in the mind. A few months after taking up cycling, when I was a good 15+ kgs heavier than I am now, I decided to sign up for 3 peaks 2011, in the Victorian Alpine Region.

A few weeks later I figured I should do a ride in the hills for some training. I live in Point Cook in Melbourne’s outer west, the only hill around is in the You Yangs. I rode out there, when I hit the climb I knew I was in trouble. I had to pull over for a breather half way up this incredible 1.4km 5% climb, I finally made it to the top and then rode home.

As you’d expect I had second thoughts about 3 peaks, however a friend convinced me to stay committed to the challenge. A few months later, this overweight, inexperienced and totally unprepared “hubbard” set off for 3 peaks.

Rain hit part way down the Falls Creek descent, which proceeded to quickly soak through to my cotton underwear strategically fitted under my bib shorts... more about this later. I lost count how many times I pulled over up Tawonga gap, but the feeling when I reached the top was incredible, I couldn’t believe I made it!  

I MacGyvered one of my arm warmers as a protective layer around the troubled area which I’m sure made things look impressive at the Omeo pit stop.

The next point of interested came as I was climbing that short hill outside of Omeo from Dinner Plain. My still wet underwear had been chafing my “part” and it was time to do something about it! I MacGyvered one of my arm warmers as a protective layer around the troubled area which I’m sure made things look impressive at the Omeo pit stop.

However, not far from trapyard gap after the worse part of the back of falls, the arm warmer had severely chaffed my inner thighs. Special thanks to the ambulance which carried me the rest of the way. Back at the top of the falls creek around 9pm, the 20 odd gels I consumed throughout the day started causing havoc on other areas! What a day!

This story brings the most joy to my cycling mates, I hope you reading, enjoyed it too! I promise you, I’m a more reputable cyclist now!

I love to ride because: Again, the freedom, also it keeps me fit, it’s a great way to catch up with friends and make new ones.