The Weekly Rider - Andy Rogers

The Weekly Rider - Andy Rogers

Mechanic at Treadly Bike Shop. Team rider for Speedvagen x MAAP CX. Photographer. Searching for the next adventure and almost always brewing the next cup of tea.


Name: Andy Rogers

Where do you live: South Australia

Dream Bike?

To be honest, I probably already own my dream bike. I purchased my Speedvagen road bike in 2014 and I seriously have been living the dream bike life since then. I love that thing.

What is your favourite local ride?

Having just moved to Adelaide in January, I'm still learning all of the amazing options at my disposal. Currently though, my favourite loop would have to be heading out to Little Italy (Berdettes Road) via Debneys and Pound. Some truly lovely roads and some of the best views. So great.

Jeff Curtes

Jeff Curtes

What is your current cycling goal?

To keep the stoke alive. I often find myself getting engrossed in the seriousness, competition and search for improvement that cycling brings. I think my aim for the time being is to just have fun riding my bike with my pals.

When I am on the bike I....

Tend to find myself getting lost in the surrounds and wondering how I can best capture the good times me and my friends are having.

How did your love of bikes come about?

I've always ridden bikes. Sometimes heaps, then almost not at all but then about 7 years ago I started riding with a bunch of mates on Monday nights in the Melbourne CBD and that really lead to meeting a heap of new people and expanding where we rode.

Kip Jordan

Kip Jordan

Share a cycling memory

One of my most memorable moments was probably a ride that my friends Amy, Caz and I set out on on our last day in Tasmania quite a few years ago. We had a morning left to ride before our flight so we sussed out Strava heatmaps and looked for the closest mountain to climb; "Mount Barrow". That sounded fun. After a 35km ride down the valley with little frozen rivers beside us, we started the Barrow climb which ended up being a 12km unsealed climb to some of the best views I've experienced. When we got home we realised that we were about a 1km shy of the actual summit. I really need to get back and climb that mountain properly.

Caz Whitehead

Caz Whitehead

I love to ride because....

It gives me time to spend some really quality time with people who are really special to me. It's something indescribable getting to spend time adventuring with the people you love.

Andy is supported by - My mates at MAAP, Speedvagen, Enve and Giro are all very kind to help me out with some sweet goodies. It's nice to be able to ride some of the best goods in the industry and I'm eternal grateful for all their support.

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