The Weekly Rider - Wendy Snowball

Meet Wendy Snowball. She's a gun MTB racer, member of the She Rides team and program leader, Spin Cycle Warrandyte mastermind, writer, Secretary for the Warrandyte MTB Club, personal trainer, mother of two, and big supporter of the Victorian West Junior Development Squad. She isn't kidding when she says "I am busy with all things cycling." 

We checked in with Wendy and talked all things bike.

Wendy on the MTB, muddy and smiling.

Wendy on the MTB, muddy and smiling.

Dream Bike and why

Why does there have to be 1?? In saying that, MTB is my main priority! I have always ridden a hardtail and will continue to do so, my current bike being a Rocky Mountain Vertex 29'er hardtail, i would love to have the latest release, full carbon with carbon wheels - thank you for coming!

What is your favourite local ride and why

My closest local and my favourite would have to be Candlebark Park, just next to Westerfolds Park in Templestowe, where the Kangaroos roam, the birds tweet, the river runs and all is good with the world.

What is your current cycling goal

Heading into the Summer, i have my eyes set on doing some of the State and National series, although with some of the Nationals in Queensland this year it could make more for a holiday than attending serious races.

When I am on the bike I....

When I am on the bike, everything is left behind, it is just me and my bike, generally in the bush, although now working in the city, I am doing a fair bit of commuting. The worries and stresses go and I focus on the ride whether it is a cruizy solo fun ride, a social ride with friends, bike paths or road to work, or a full training session to stay focused, this is my down time!

Kit game is strong in the Snowball household.

Kit game is strong in the Snowball household.

How did your love of bikes come about?

In my "younger" days there was always running with a few triathlons and a bit of road. My husband has always ridden road and competed but it wasn't until we came home from living in London that Ross was introduced to MTB by some new friends. He loved it so much, he bought a new bike and I was given the hand me down to try. We have never looked back, even our 2 children are right into it with both of them on the race circuit and doing well. Not many families have an activity that they all do and do together.

I have gone on to complete my level 1 coaching course, various skills courses and now really embedding myself into the cycling community.

Share a cycling memory

I would have 2! The first is winning 2nd place at the MTB XCO National Championships in March this year. The second, my first big crash on the MTB at Forrest Festival where i broke my leg in 2 places. It was nothing dramatic, I just slid out the wrong way but i was on that track for what seemed like an eternity until the ambulance arrived and they carried me out. I remember being on crutches trying to train my clients on the local netball courts, picking up weights and hopping around, just couldn't help myself. I went back to complete the Forrest Festival the following year and came second in a 3 way battle - an awesome event!

I love to ride because....

I love to ride my mountain bike because every trail is different, you can ride beautiful easy, flowy trails or aggressive, technical trails depending on your mood or how you feel.