The Weekly Rider - Terance 'TJ' Hore

Terance Hore is the La Velocita Weekly Rider! TJ is an up and coming junior rider from Melbourne. With big goals and an early start in the cycling world we talk to TJ about why he loves to ride.

Name: Terance Hore, I have many nicknames like Terror, T-dog or TJ. (My middle name is James).

Lives: Melbourne, Victoria

Dream bike: I already have my dream bike, the BMC Impec.

Favourite local ride: I have many favorite loops around home. Doing the St Andrews-Kinglake loop or Eltham-Warrandyte is always enjoyable. I do love fast rolling turns on Beach Road.

I do explore while riding, I explore bike paths and quiet unknown roads. For my mountain bike rides I like to follow the Yarra river trails. There's a loop in Templestowe called Hans Loop which is very good.

My current cycling goal is: I'd really like to get to B Grade in the criteriums at St Kilda criteriums and Hawthorn. I'm also training with a goal of finishing in the top 20 at the U17 Nationals.

When I am on the bike I... When I ride I feel relaxed, free and happy. I can never frown on a bike. The bicycle is a great thing to feel happy.

How did your love for bikes come about: When I was younger I played AFL and soccer (at school for fun), basketball, golf and martial Arts. I did every sport imaginable.

My dad did big long rides and always wanted to join. So he got me on a bike and it started from there. My first road bike was a second hand Avanti 9 speed.

I always wanted a BMC... we now own 6. For all the bike nerds who are interested in BMC’s we have an Impec which is mine, SL01 frame (my old one I grew out of, going to kept as a memory), SLX01 with Cadel’s signature, TT02 turned into a track bike, GF01 and a TF02.

Share a cycling memory: The greatest has to be on the Montrose decent at Mt Dandenong. Me and my dad were separated from the others. We were able to do 60kph around the sweeping bends, we didn't even have to touch the brakes. To make it even better a nice motorist stayed behind us and held up the cars for us.

I love to ride because: I live for the training rides, I love the air in my face, the smell and beauty of the countryside. I love to feel the lactic acid in my legs, the pain and the reward of the hard training. Both the chocolate milkshake and endorphins. Don't worry I still have the healthy food after training.