The Weekly Rider - Emma Pane

Emma Pane is the Weekly Rider! Emma's right in the middle of racing the Santos TDU Women’s Tour (17-20 January) so make sure you cheer her on!

Emma's currently working full time as a mechanical engineer at a quarry... and also trying to fit in racing for the NRS team Building Champions Squad (BCS). It's a challenge to juggle full time work and national level cycling but it's a challenge she enjoys. 

Emma has been riding with BCS for several months now, and have loved being part of the tours and racing at an NRS standard. However she definitely prefer crits or less hilly races!

Emma Pane (right)

Name: Emma Pane

Lives: Essendon

Dream bike: Fuji sst 1.3 (current bike) looks fast :) 

Favourite local ride: Napier Park Riders early morning bunch rides

My current cycling goal is: to race well for my team (building champions squad) in team events and to have lots of fun racing my bike.

When I am on the bike I: always try to beat the boys!! 

How did your love for bikes come about: I waned to start triathlons but then discovered I hated running so my younger brother got me into cycling after I quit competitive swimming in 2012.

Emma Pane - second from right

Share a cycling memory: hmm... I love getting up early and doing bunch rides before work almost everyday, I can't thank the guys I train with enough for helping me get to where I am today with my cycling. 

I love to ride because: I have made really good friends, it keeps me fit and active, I have lots of fun trying to keep up in bunch rides and I get to drink lots of coffee