The Weekly Rider - Ivan Dennis

Ivan Dennis is the La Velocita Weekly Rider! Ivan set up Sommerville Sports in Australia earlier this year, providing exceptional custom clothing to groups and individuals and a run of limited kits to Australia.

We talk to Ivan about why he loves to ride.

Name: Ivan Dennis

Lives: Fairfield (Vic)

Dream bike: I love my current BH Ultralight so much, but I regulalry fantasie of having a Baum Coretto, or any Baum for that matter. They are just the business.

Favorite local ride: My mates and I call it the Inbetweeners ride. It's essesntially in and around Kinglake area on some seriously quiet and steep side roads.

My current cycling goal is... To burn more calaries than I consume in doughnuts, and to try new routes as much as possible.

When I am on the bike I... am happy.

How did your love for bikes come about:  Watching Wide World of Sports in 1989 as they showed the last stage of the Tour de France. Watching and seeing the tension, the elation of Lemond and a shattered Fingon - I was hooked.

I bought a Repco Superlight not long after and hit the roads and from then I've ridden some amazing places, but most importantly I've met some fantastic people to share the journey with.

Share a cycling memory: For me, the memories are as more about the people I've shared the experiences. The tarmac can be pretty unforgiving as it rises steeply, but when you have a mate there heckling or encouraging you up a tough climb, there is nothing better - especially when you make it and you dissect every bit of it together over a coffee or beer.

I love to ride because... I love being fit and I love the sense of community it brings.