The Weekly Rider - Stu "The King" Verrier

We talk to the one and only King. The TKM founding father gives us an insight into his realm, his latest project 'TKM Ride Different' and of course, why he loves to ride.  

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Name: Stu “The King” Verrier

Lives: King’s Castle. Clifton Hill.

Dream bike:  Jennifer Aniston.  If unavailable Specialised Venge.

Favourite local ride:  TKM’s Full Noize.  Nothing Else Matters.

The King may potentially have a thing for Matt Lloyd...

The King may potentially have a thing for Matt Lloyd...

My current cycling goal is: Continued recognition year on year of TKM as being one of cycling’s most intriguing yet respected cycling organisations in terms of performance, outspoken cycling advocacy, safety, fun, mateship and general outrageous behaviour. 

When I am on the bike I.... like to bust my own balls.

How did your love for bikes come about:  At the end of a high octane basketball career, the body said it was time, but the mind did not. This meant a crossover to cycling with the main intent of maintaining a high level of fitness. I bought team oriented, trash talking culture of basketball, from which 'The King’s Men' was born. 

20151113-King arthurs seat jan 2011 (4).jpg

Share a cycling memory: Too many memories to mention, and too many forgotten. The greatest collective memory is the taking on any, and all of our members, and watching them blossom within the surroundings of the kingdom of The King’s Men.

Whether it be the bringing out of the personality and joy previously trapped within or watching a fat kid join TKM and having their internal flame lit... and a few years later see that same kid now winning NRS races and standing on the podium, thanking TKM for giving him that initial push and inspiration to take things to the next level.  Even now just writing this again and thinking about it, it brings me goose pimples of pride.   

I love to ride because I enjoy nothing more than tearing the assholes out of my mates or having them do the same to me.  At the end of it all we hug eac hother and say “well done mate”.  Although hard to achieve, once obtained there is no greater spirit than that found within cycling.  Unlike other teams, TKM is built on a constant roster with very few coming and very few leaving and hence the foundation of our culture and comradery has been built up over a decade and continues to build year on year. 


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