FIND YOUR FREEDOM – FYF Signature Series Jersey & Bibestique bib shorts

FIND YOUR FREEDOM – FYF Signature Series Jersey & Bibestique bib shorts

Today we are checking out FYF's Signature Series Jersey and 'Bibestique' bib shorts.  This combo sits at the entry level of FYF's range and coming in at just over $230 for the pair it's great value for a quality kit... as long as it hits the mark for comfort and quality.  

Aaron Mulkearns has been wearing the kit for a month to see if they're the real deal.

Review - Aaron Mulkearns     Photography - Andrew Clifforth  

Dark with a splash of colour... enough to grab attention and make you look good all at the same time. This is a kit that that looks great and we can't wait to try out! 

FYF have managed to apply their passion for cycling and the need for a comfortable kit, making it available at a reasonable price.

About - Passion, quality at a reasonable price.

Find Your Freedom are… well here is how they say it, “our passion goes beyond obsession, it's a lifestyle devoted to the pursuit of two wheel addiction and the freedom it brings.” We think FYF have definitely found their niche in the cycling game!!

FYF are a boutique bunch out of Sunny Brisbane. Their goal is to make sure you have top quality materials to make comfortable gear to help find your freedom wherever you are, in an extremely competitive market and at a reasonable price.

Quality - Great finish, using techniques usually found on higher end kit.

First impressions are good. On opening the express post bag we find all the goodies packed in a FYF musette. The smiles started!! On first inspection we were instantly drawn to the grippers around the legs on the bibs. Great feel and once on, comfortable. They are made using elastic non-restrictive silicon grippers giving a firm feel but still letting you move freely with no pulling. 

FYF have gone to town with the laser cutting.  The bottom of the jersey around the waist, a big tick from us.  Getting the Jersey on, we find the zip is strong, full length and hidden. The three rear pockets are well sized. We're able to pack most of our gear into them, even on longer rides when more is needed.  Loading up the pockets does not lead to a restrictive feel or leave us with over stretched pockets.

Ride - Race cut, comfortable, stays in place.

This FYF kit feels as good as some of the premium European kits going around at the moment.  

On the bike the fit is firm. By firm we mean race cut. We did not find it restrictive and felt super comfortable, with everything in the right spot.

We did find that the chamois was a bit 'stiff’ and bunched a little when we first received the bibs.  However, a couple of washes and a few rides in it relaxed a little and felt great.  

Breathability is good and on some of the hotter Australian summer days so far, we were left feeling comfortable with the chamois doing its job well and the stitching not even being noticed.

The bib short length is great, there is no movement in the leg when riding and the elastic, non-restrictive silicon grippers do a fantastic job of holding them in place. One of the most important things on a ride is being able to get into a comfortable position in your gear and it staying like that for hours, or for the entire ride. Not having to pull or adjust the kit as effort increases and the weather hots up can change your entire ride experience.

We found that this bib and jersey did everything we asked of them. They do exactly what you want them to. 

Size - True to the size chart.

Our tester is 66kg and 169cm and wears a 'small' kit 99% of the time. FYF got it spot on with their size chart and the size small was a perfect race cut fit.

Jersey and Bibs - Four sizes - S, M, L, XL

Price - Awesome value!

Signature series jersey - $99.95

Bibestique bib shorts - $129.95 


This kit is what we wanted when we wanted it. Its simple design, colour palette, race fit, comfort and most of all size were right on. We look forward to continuing to find more and more freedom in this ripper kit. The most exciting thing is, this isn’t even the top of the line kit FYF make, something we can't wait to do is get that on and compare it to this. Thanks FYF!

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