Lumiere Cycling - Mais Oui

Lumiere Cycling - Mais Oui

Lumiere Cycling has just released their latest kit, 'Mais Oui'. Melbourne based, with some great looking designs, quality construction and fabrics we could not wait to get their range of kits out on the road. 

Words - Aaron Mulkearns     Images - Lumiere Cycling


We first spoke to Lumiere back in early 2015 when they were setting out to produce high-end, quality cycling gear, matched with eye catching designs to their own premium cycling clothing line.

Since then they have spent a lot of time on product testing and gathering feedback to get the product to a point they are happy to go to market. 

After putting in a significant amount of energy they hit the market with their Botanicals collection, made up of three mens designs in late 2015. Since then they have released their men's Wildfire kit, and most recently the Mais Oui collection featuring three men's and two women's designs.

The early signs from Lumiere are good. We like their designs and initial feedback around the Melbourne cycling and racing scene is strong.



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The Lumiere kit is definitely cut on the race inspired side, just how we like it. The guys have targeted those that want a kit that fits like a glove. The construction provides good support, without feeling restrictive. Fabrics used are very light and with excellent stretch.

We're really happy with the collar height. It's not restrictive and is what we would call mid height. Not too high or low. It sits really nicely when you need to get in that lower position on the bike.

The rear pockets are a good size and can handle what you'll need for most rides. We liked how when empty they appear very slimline and hug the jersey nicely. 

When we spoke to Matt from Lumiere he told us that they have just updated the design of the rear pocket, now using a fabric that will avoid sagging when you pack them. Now when full with gear they stretch out wards not out and downwards, this is easier said than done.

It's good to see the guys evolving and improving their product season on season. 

The zip feels non-existent, very lightweight and discreet. With the fitted design the front of the jersey is cut at a nice length. There's no mid-drift when you're standing up and when tucked on the bike there's little to no bunching. This does depend on your build though.  

Sleeve length is one of my favourites, quite long in the arm, finishing just above the elbow; the finishing on the sleeve is neat and holds in place.


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With the exception of the first two designs in the Botanicals collection the guys at Lumiere have gone for a minimal design for the knicks. It's a nice touch, and lets you use the knicks with multiple jerseys in the range.

I really liked the chamois, I covered just under 900km in a week in 2 pairs of Lumiere knicks and they didn’t miss a beat. They have gone with a class leading Cytech Chamois. It's top notch and comfortable and supportive in all the right areas.

We're big fans of wide leg grippers at La Velocita and Lumiere have hit the spot here.  The have gone with elastic silicon gripper “Power Bands” on the leg ends. The knicks don’t move once on, even in tough conditions.

Like the jersey the cut is 'race'. They are a fitted with compression at the higher end. This came into its own on longer rides, racing in them was a pleasure especially when you know you’re going to be putting your legs through the mill. Leg length is slightly longer than most knicks we look at and we really liked it.

To finish we found the bib straps comfortable, breathable and sit well place when on

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Mens Jersey and Knicks- Four Sizes - XS, S, M, L

Womens Jersey and Knicks - Four Sizes - XS, S, M, L


Head to Lumiere's online store -


Jersey - $179.00

Knicks - $239.00


Matt and Joe both ride and race a lot. They knew what they wanted from a kit when they started out, something that worked when you are down in the drops or up on the hoods. We found the kit extremely breathable standing up to the hot Australian Summer

The guys have done really well with this kit. Performance is right up there, as in that it's very easy on the eye, by our taste. If you're a rider that likes nice kit and is after race performance we'd recommend checking out their site.



  • High-wicking Italian MITI fabrics
  • Signature Lumiere race cut intended to be worn slim
  • Longer sleeve length
  • Dropped collar
  • Micro mesh back and side panels for enhanced breathability
  • Reversed YKK zip with camlock puller
  • UPF 50+ sun protection factor.


  • Premium Italian MITI fabric with compression technology
  • Navy pre-dyed fabric which will not fade
  • Cytech Road Carbonium Chamois
  • 7.5cm silicon injected powerband
  • Reflector tabs to rear of bib short legs
  • UPF 50+ sun protection factor