OORR - Coffee Enhanced Cycling Apparel

OORR - Coffee Enhanced Cycling Apparel

Ride, look fabulous, save the world. Out of the Rat Race is a boutique brand that creates environmentally conscious products so you look stylish in the saddle, and feel great about your decision to support a company that is kind to our planet.

Words - Katie Quinn  Images - Beardy McBeard


Cyclists like to make a difference; and we’re a charitable bunch. We like to help others, support good ideas and great innovation.  Now there’s a way we can bring about positive environmental change and create a shift towards garment production that is good for the planet.

Founded in 2013, Out Of the Rat Race (OORR) is a Sydney company created by Tim Christian. OORR is passionately producing high performance active-wear that is not only environmentally friendly, but also visually appealing. The designs stand out on the road, and have been created with your physical safety in mind. And you can ride with the confidence of knowing you are making an environmentally responsible purchase.

Out of the Rat Race is currently the only active-wear and technical-wear garment company for men and women that is a certified B Corporation. B Corp is a classification for corporations that to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. B-certified companies use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.

OORR's first range included cycling apparel and bidons. The exciting and upcoming season 2 range will be available for pre-order on www.kickstarter.oorr.com.au from 31 October 2016.

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The women’s kit I tried out was really quite impressive. It’s a summer outfit with a standout design, light fabric, and quality construction with solid stitching.

The bib knicks were all-over black with a green chamois that was comfortable even after 80kms. The leg grippers are a TP Band and have a rubberised layer for grip, these stayed in place and didn’t leave elastic marks on my legs. The length was a little shorter than I was used to. The back straps cross over which I found to be comfortable and in line with my sports bra, as opposed to some bib knicks that can put pressure on your shoulders. The cross over design also means that they are easy to get on and take off. The front of the knicks have a black and white zigzagged OORR designed modestly panel that would be nice if you like to have your jersey partially open on a hot day.

The jersey is predominately a black and white diagonal striped pattern, with the concept of the design based on aircraft safety switches, warning tape and safety banners. OORR research identified the patterns they selected for season 2 to be ‘learned markers’ that are highly visible to approaching drivers, and on a subconscious level increase the amount of caution drivers display around cyclists.

The fit is race cut but the stand out feature is the jersey pockets. Unlike the typical 2 or 3 vertical overstuffed pockets we so often see, the women’s OORR Cafe Pro jersey has a single small waterproof pocket large enough for an iPhone and a split ‘kangaroo pouch’ pocket that allows you to securely store any large items such as a jacket or gilet without the risk of it slipping out and you losing it out on the road.


The science behind the kit material research and production is evident in the superior nature of the finished product. While the fabric of the kit itself is partially made from recycled plastic bottles and used coffee grounds, you’d probably never know. These materials are engineered to form the polyester and yarn that combined result in technical performance fabric that is a ‘green’ yet high-end alternative. It feels light yet strong, smells fresh (not like your morning brew unfortunately) and is of the high quality that we have come to expect from boutique cycling brands.

Other than the environmental benefits of using recycled materials to create the fabric, there is also the enhanced moisture wicking, UV repelling and permanent odour control properties that make the OORR kit a desirable purchase for any cyclist that wants a kit that lasts and looks sharp season after season.

Washing instructions are basic – with the added bonus being that due to it’s chemical composition the OORR kit material dries 50% faster, so you’ll be 50% more likely to have it dry and ready to go for your next adventure.

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I’m 166cm tall and weigh 58kg, so I tested out small bibs and jersey. I found the fit to be comfortable and accurate as per the OORR sizing chart.


The new OORR product I tested is available exclusively at  

www.kickstarter.oorr.com.au. Production and distribution will happen if the Kickstarter project is successful in raises adequate funding. Once you see the latest kit we’re positive you’ll want to jump onboard the Kickstarter campaign.


In today’s active-wear market, new kits are hitting the market every other day, so it’s incredibly refreshing to see a company that is completely invested in creating stylish kits with a ‘green’ focus. 

OORR have given cyclists another option. Every year, enough plastic waste goes into the ocean to cover every square inch of coastline around the whole world. Now some of that plastic waste is being recycled, and turned into high-quality cycling apparel. You already reduce your carbon footprint by pedal power; take it to the next level by getting Out of the Rat Race and make an eco-friendly fashion statement.