Maglianera City-Day Kit

Is it not true that Italians are the most stylish people in the universe? They are known for creating pieces that are just so good to look at that you can't look away. I'm particuarly susceptible to anything out of Italy... including my wife, bikes, Alfa Romeo, pasta, mountains, coffee and now, Maglianera cycling kit.

Words Mike Boudrie    Images - Andrew Clifforth


Maglianera joined the cycling world a few years back with a range of explosively coloured socks... they were ahead of the curve when it came to producing something that truly stood out from the crowd. There designs were genuinely unique and the quality right at the top of the pile. Then around 12 months ago I was handed a prototype kit to have a look at. It was one of those 'oooooh, this is nice' moments.

Fast forward 12 months to today and I'm rolling around Australia in a Maglianera kit feeling pretty content... it's designed and made in Milan and looks brilliant.


The Maglianera jersey is a 100% Italian fit, so if you like the pro look go with the size chart. I went with a medium and was really happy with the 'no flap' result. If you like some room you'll definitely need to size up. 


This is a seriously comfortable and well constructed jersey, even before you put it on you'll know that it stands out as a premium offering, that justifies the price tag. On the bike the high-stretch fabrics move really nicely with you, and combined with perforated front panels and a mech back this thing is up there on the breathable scale to. What I really like is that Maglianera has created some great airflow, stretch and comfort without going super lightweight. 


There's great structure to the jersey and anything wedged in the pockets does not sag or pull, it's just held in place. The neck is a medium high and does not cause any restrictions. The contrast rear pocket is a nice touch, some will like this... others won't. 


As far as useful temperature range goes, you can easily wear this right up into the high 30's, what's also impressive is that you won't find yourself freezing if it's a little cool in the morning. 

The only minor gripes we had with this jersey were that we've become accustomed to longer sleeve lengths and these felt a bit on the short side. The second was that to keep the pockets looking flat and 'aero' Maglienera has kept them on the small side. Style versus function, very Italian.


I'm lucky enough to ride many different kits from manufacturers all over the world. All of them love they products they produce, so when I hear 'these are amazing' I tend to receiver my judgement. It's also not everyday when I put on a new pair on Knicks and just think yes.

Just like the jersey, you can tell that the Knicks are something a bit special, the textured fabric is beautiful and yells quality. The stitching and finishing is just right and the mid weight looks like it would last many many visits to the washing machine (who has time to hand wash?). 

I'm thin and tall. A terrible combination for getting Knicks that are ming enough in the leg. With the Maglinera Knicks my day turned from good to great when I realised that my size medium Knicks were giving some seriously good coverage. 

Everyone gets on a little differently with chamois. I really love the one that Maginera has selected. It gave me zero issues, even straight out the packet with no soak or wash prior. It's my longest ride was 130km wearing the Knicks, and not once did I think about my posterior. Good result.

Leg grippers are massive and super comfortable, there's reflective detailing and the bib section is nicely finished and comfortable.

These knick are a winner. I'm loving them. 


Socks are socks right? wrong. I've had pairs last me less than a couple of washes. These are going strong and get wear on and off the bike... and the match matchy to the kit is spot on... even better they come packed in a plastic case that can be used for your phone, cards and cash while out riding.


There's not many of these kits out on Australian roads due to Maginera's low run numbers. It's a quality offering and in black and white will hold its style for as long as you want t wear it for. It's a nicely weighted kit that is spot on for Australian conditions... and the Knicks are a the real deal. Just make those arms a little longer and I'll be as happy as...


Full Beam Australia is the Australian distributor of Maglinera, head to to check out the two styles. The Knicks and Jersey combo will set you back $398 and the socks come in at $33.

Full Beam Australia offer free shipping on purchases over $48.99.

FULL DISCLOSURE - This is not a paid review. Anthony from Full Beam Australia provided us a kit free of charge for review and feedback.