Pedla Leaderboard Womens' Collection

Pedla Leaderboard Womens' Collection

Ever since first laying eyes on kit by Pedla, I’ve been seduced. The minimal design, incredibly subtle branding, colour palettes and general aesthetic appealed to me in ways that few kit brands do.

Words - Lana Adams      Images - Max Hardy

Pedla leaderboard womens

The price point was the only thing holding me back from trying it out, so to be able to test drive a full kit was a dream come true. One of the Pedla’s co-founders, Marcin Wojcik, is an artist - and you can really tell this through the designs of the kit and the way they pair colours together. Their women’s offerings are extensive, offering a multitude of jersey & bib colourways, including a patterned bib that is unique to the women’s Leaderboard Collection. It was this Segment bib and Plum jersey that I was able to test ride.

Pedla Plum Jersey

The Core jersey is named Pro Fit Aero on their website, and it truly lives up to it’s name. It fits snugly to the body, the material is soft and conforms to your shape. The sleeves are fantastic - they have an “extended sleeve length”, which is a trend I hope all women’s kits follow. I’m sick of short cap sleeves that end up riding up into your armpits, the sleeves on this jersey are just the perfect length. This is usually a problem area with me and kit, never being tight enough on my thin upper arms, so it was refreshing pulling it on and instantly noticing how nicely they fit. The pockets are well proportioned over the back, easy to access and not sagging when full. I wouldn’t describe this as an exceptionally lightweight jersey, and after wearing it over a range of temperatures from 15-30 degrees, I’ll sav it for days that don’t tip over that upper limit. This, however, means it’s perfect for every other season, only showing it’s limitations on those peak Summer days. Also, the gripper along the bottom of the jersey is nicely Pedla branded, small details like this make such a difference to your perception of the effort put into making a kit.

Pedla long haul knicks

This is where the real gushing begins, the Long Haul Knicks are the most comfortable bibs I now own. Case in point - since riding in these, I’ve gone and bought a pair of the black ones to replace my other black bibs with. They fit tight, with a decent amount of compression, in a really good way. They are just the right length, and they just don’t seem to ride up - at all! The second ride I did in these was 100km, with over half being gravel, and over half that gravel being a rutted muddy fire track through the Otways on a road bike with 25mm slicks. My butt was comfortable the entire time. I’ve since done more long rides in them, and the comfort has not reduced. Also, patterned bibs with plain jerseys look so good and I’ve received a stupid amount of compliments over the short time I’ve been wearing them. 

Pedla socks

I also wore a pair of Pedla socks this whole time, this is where the review falters for me a tad. They are one size fits all (one size does not fit all, surprisingly) and whilst I wear a size 40 which is not a small women’s size at all, I found them slightly too big both in the foot and in length. They are also quite thick and I personally wouldn’t wear them over 20 degree weather. 

In short, this is an incredibly good looking kit. The designs are understated, unique and just look really good on your body. The quality and performance of the kit, and sensation whilst riding in it, all match the quality of the design and are worth the pricetag. 


This sweet piece of Pedla kit is available to buy from our kit partners Cycle Closet.

Disclosure statement: This kit was supplied by Pedla for review. It is not a paid review and we do not receive any proceeds from the sale of Pedla through any outlet.