Pedla SuperFIT G+ Bib Shorts review

Pedla SuperFIT G+ Bib Shorts review

Premium kit peddlers, the Pedla have a new high end bib short: the SuperFIT G+. How do the most expensive knicks by an Aussie company stack up? Very well indeed.

Words - James Raison     Images - Lana Adams

The SuperFIT G+ is the updated version of their own top-of-the-line and highly regarded Long Haul bib shorts. I reviewed the Long Haul just last year so I’m in a great position to see what progress has been made. They’ve also had a price increase to $320, which puts them in some elite company.

There’s a tactile quality to the knicks that I noticed when taking them out of their packet. 

Those straps are top-notch.

Those straps are top-notch.

At the top there’s meshy bib straps bordered by firm elastic, very similar to that seen on the Long Hauls. Moving down is the main shorts fabric that feels thicker, firmer, and silkier than the previous generation. My only real gripe with the Long Hauls were the thin material. The new generation is spot-on. That luxury new material is held together by barely-there seams. Holding your legs are new embedded grippers that are a strip of tiny silicon dots on the inside of the fabric. Chamois is a seriously plush “Carbonium Road Performance” offering - from the Elastic Interface stable - that is thicker than the Long Hauls. 


These knicks disappear beneath you when you’re on the bike. There isn’t a single point of annoyance, rubbing, tightness, or friction. They manage to be firm but not restrictive.

A gift for your arse.

A gift for your arse.

My testing period has been several weeks of Autumn/Winter riding. They handle the cold weather well. The fabric is thicker than other offerings in summer kits so I found them comfortable in the cooler weather. I can’t really comment on breathability in hot weather though, I haven’t ridden in anything over 20 degrees. The Long Hauls were great on hot weather so I'd expect more of the same here.

The chamois has been excellent too.  I’ve been testing a lot of different saddles and it has been comfortable with all of them. 

I pulled out the old Long Hauls for a ride to see how they stack up. The new SuperFIT puts them in the shade. They Long Hauls are still very good but the Superfits manage to be firmer, more supportive, and more comfortable overall. 

The SuperFITs might look similar to the Long Hauls but the improvements are for more than cosmetic. Everything is better. 


The $300+ pricepoint is pretty rarified air with mega companies like Rapha and Assos fighting for customers willing to spend that sort of coin on a single garment. How do these Aussie battlers compare? Well. Very well. I not have a few knicks from the $300+ pricepoint and I can safely say that Pedla’s entry is worthy of it. There's a lot of very good gear at that price - as it should be. Anyone looking to spend that sort of money shouldn’t overlook the SuperFIT. They justify their elite pricepoint.


For anyone looking to update from Pedla’s Long Hauls, the SuperFIT G+ is better in every way. For anyone just looking for premium knicks at the pricepoint, you are unlikely to be disappointed with the Superfit G+. They deliver a premium performance to match their price tag. 

Head on over to the Pedla website to learn more about the SuperFIT G+.

Disclosure statement: These were supplied by Pedla for review and we thank them very much. It is not a paid review and we do not receive proceeds from the sale of any Pedla gear.