Isadore Climbers Kit

Slovakia’s Isadore Apparel is committed to quality, sustainability, high performance. We’ve taken a look at their Climbers Kit to see how it stacks up.

Words - James Raison      Images - Lana Adams

Looks good at the cafe and on the bike.

Looks good at the cafe and on the bike.


Isadore Apparel is run by the Velits family that boasts current pros Martin and Peter. The company was founded so the brothers could bring their technical knowledge to create high quality gear for consumers. Much of it is made in the Velits’s home town of Makyta, by the hands of local workers, and with a very strong commitment to ethical and sustainable production. So how does it feel?


This is a very light kit.

This is a very light kit.

The Climbers Jersey front and back constructed from a 23% merino wool, 77% polyester blend and the sleeves and side panels are made from 86% polyester and 14% elastaine. It’s unusual to find wool in a hot weather oriented kit, but the garment is incredibly light and sheer to look at. That makes it breathable. Very breathable. 

On the body it feels amazing. The mix of fabrics and the light weave are simultaneously firm but stretchy. It is one of the least intrusive jerseys I’ve worn. I did find the ultra-light sleeves started to creep up my arms but that’s not surprising of such light material. It stays in place firmly around your waist with a gripper on the rear and elastic on the sides to make sure it doesn’t move.

I was a little worried about the thin material being a sunburn risk but I didn’t have any issues after one long day in the saddle. The mixture of materials give it a high SPF value which I am quite a fan of. Adelaide hasn’t had a properly hot day in my test period so I can’t say what it would be like in 30 degrees or more. It was excellent in the mid-high 20s though.


The knicks punch well above their price point.

The knicks punch well above their price point.

I like the jersey a lot, but these bib shorts are even better. They’re among the best I’ve worn at this price point and compare very well to much more expensive pairs.

The side and inner panels, like the jersey, are made of different materials to balance comfort and cooling. Bib straps are luxuriously light and soft, adding to the premium feeling of the shorts. The star of the show has to be the light but impressively comfortable chamois that also manages to wick moisture.

I tested the shorts over several rides, with the longest being 6 hours in the saddle rolling over coarse roads and plenty of gravel. I expected discomfort but it never came. There are plenty of more expensive knicks that cannot handle the conditions these did. It’s an impressively well designed product.

Special mention must go to the attention to detail on these. It says “Born to Climb” in silicone all the way around your leg at the gripper. I love that.


Your head and feet are well-catered for with this kit too. It’s all very light, and very comfortable. Not to mention the splashes of “Born to Climb.” Those accessories help to make this a complete and quality kit. The styling of it all makes you want to wear it all together too.


There’s a whole lot to like about the Isadore Climbers kit. The philosophy of quality, sustainability, and local production is just the start. Once you get it on, you realise it’s damn good quality. The jersey is a winner for warm weather with only the small gripe of sleeve length. The bib shorts hit a home run with all-day comfort, and beautiful refinement. Caps and socks are icing on the delicious Slovakian cake.


Isadore kits are available from our kit partner Cycle Closet.

Disclosure statement: Isadore sent this kit for review. It is not a paid review and La Velocita does not get any proceeds of sales of kit from Isadore, Cycle Closet or any of Isadore's other retail outlets.