Shimano RX830 Disc Brake Wheelst

Shimano RX830 Disc Brake Wheelst

Yes disc brakes are here. Yes they are good... to get the full experience you need to pair them with a good set of wheels... So when time came to ramp up the performance and look of my BMC GF02 Disc with something that could take a pounding, I landed on Shimano's RX830 tubeless wheelset. Here's how I have found them...



It never fails to amaze me how much a set of wheels can change the feel of a bike. If you're looking for a performance gain it's the number one place to invest your cash. There's also more to the story than just pure performance, it's about matching the wheels to you and the riding you'll be doing. 

So, to Shimano's RX830 wheelset. Why would I choose these wheels? Well there's a couple of reasons.

Go anywhere.

First up my GF02 Disc basically is my go anywhere, do anything bike, I use it to commute, when hitting long gravel rides, I've bike packed on it, I've ridden around with my two year old daughter in a seat, It's been on mountain bike trails and on road up mountains, on big days out on gravel roads.... so I wanted something robust, something that could handle a bit of a pounding without constant maintenance. In this space Shimano is a good place to start.


The look.

I think these wheels really add a nice look to the bike, being a disc only wheel there's no braking surface around the rim... and it looks great. Dark, pretty deep (32.5mm), and a bit mean. very nice.


These wheels are basically aluminium with a carbon fibre outer layer. I'm thinking this is going to bring me a blend of strength and weight... saying that, they are no weight weenie wheel coming in at 1.85kg on our scales without rotors. I'm not too fussed as I think that with this weight comes solid build, but I did feel these wheels when climbing. 



The RX830's are a pretty stiff wheel set, paired up with 25mm tyres (and you could easily go wider if you bike has the clearance) I am finding them pretty unflappable on descents, even with plenty of weight on the bike. They track nicely into corners and never leave you wondering about where you are going. On steep climbs it's the same story, there's little flex when pushing big gears and up out of the saddle. The hubs don't cause any fuss either and tick along nicely, and are set at the Ultegra level.



The RX830 are a solid set of wheels that will take you just about anywhere you want to go. They've got the look and build quality and finish is typically Shimano, I like that they are a set and forget wheel that is unlikely let me down. They are not super light, but they are also not in the heavy category. 


RRP is $1,499 for the RX830 wheelset, if you're in need of rotors Shimano's Ice-Tec 140mm offering come in at $85 each.

Check out the full tech specs here