Dual Eyewear sunglasses

Dual Eyewear began in Boulder, Colorado with the intention of blending a pair quality sports sunglasses with functional reading glasses. The results are a handy piece of kit that always let you comfortably see the 2 most crucial things: the road ahead of you, and the data on your bike computer.

Words - James Raison     Images - Lana Adams

Dual Eyewear will help keep your data fields in sharp focus.

Dual Eyewear will help keep your data fields in sharp focus.


A discrete magnification zone is molded into the base of the lens, effectively splitting it into two vision zones. The top and sides are unmagnified to let you see the road ahead and have uninterrupted peripheral vision. In the centre-bottom of the lens is the magnification zone. On the bike it magnifies the screen of your bike computer, and off the bike the same zone will help you read from your smartphone, or the cake menu at your café stop. They’re available in +1.5, +2.0, and +2.5 magnification.

All Dual Eyewear models are also available in unmagnified versions, which I used during the testing period.


I had 2 models from Dual Eyewear for testing. First, the SL2 Pro is a classic wrap-around pair of sports sunglasses with a shatterproof and scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens. It’s all held together by a solid plastic frame, and rubber nose piece and arm inserts. The tip of the arms are also slightly bendable to better fit your head.

The SL2 Pro

The SL2 Pro

The second pair is the cycling-specific FL1 with a frameless design. The nylon lenses are shatterproof and scratch resistant, with UVA, UVB, and UVB protection. They tip the scales at a feathery 30 grams.

The FL1

The FL1

The SL2 Pro were rock solid performers with plenty of comfort and excellent optical clarity. Their tint is quite mild, meaning I could use them in a wide range of light from beaming sunshine to overcast and raining. Their slightly yellow colouring made the world look vivid and clear. 

I found the FL1 a considerably more aggressive pair. Their frameless design is aimed at cycling in a low position, or while time trialling. Down on the drops, there is unimpeded vision forwards, and peripherally. Framed glasses can give limited vision with a low head position, but not the FL1. The only drawback is a little more sweat running down the lens that frames help channel away.


Dual Eyewear make a quality pair of cycling sunglasses in the SL2 Pro, and the FL1. Good comfort and excellent vision let you get on with enjoying your ride. They also offer an excellent solution for those wanting sports glasses with reading glasses functionality. It’s a clever piece of kit that can simultaneously let you watch the road ahead, and keep an eye your Garmin data.

The SL2 Pro starts at $94.95 for an unmagnified version and $149.95 for the magnified PhotoPolar lens. The FL1 retails for $99.95.

Check out the full range on the Dual Eyewear Australia website.