Smith Optics Pivlock™ Arena

Glasses are an essential item for any cyclist. Today we’re looking at the Smith Pivlock™ Arenas.

Aimed at the elite level, lightweight, frameless and wide range of lens choices they are well worth a look. 

Words - Mike Boudrie    Images - Andrew Clifforth and Jarrod McShane

Thanks to the guys at 4Shaw for providing us with the Smith PivLock Arenas.


Smith tells us that the PivLock™ Arena was designed to meet the requirments of their elite riders. They are designed to be lightweight, have a two-position adjustable nose piece, slide on temple ends and a range of seven lenses plus a clear and low light lens.

On test we have a pair of the Matte White frames with Green Sol-X Mirror lens. This particular lens boasts 100% protection form UVA/B/C rays and is a true colour grey lens base that eliminates glare and reduces the strain on your eyes in bright conditions. The lens also has a hydroleophobic coating that repels water, dirt and grease.


Before we even get to the glasses we have to mention the case. When a case is well constructed like this you know that some thought must have gone into the content. While the case is on the large size, it does a great job of protecting your glasses.

Onto the glasses, they came in at 26 grams on our scales, that’s light enough to barely be noticed and when first handling them the lightless can make them feel delicate. Once you get used to them there’s little to worry about they are build tough and have survived a few drops and knocks with no damage. Lens optics are excellent, there’s no noticeable distortion from any of the three lenses.


On the bike I found that within minutes I’d almost forgotten I was wearing the PicLocks™. The frameless design opens your field of vision with absolutely no interruption. The Green Sol-X Mirror lenses do what they are supposed to, cutting glare and keeping your eyes protected.

The clear and low light/high contrast lenses were similarly good. I particularly liked the low light lenses for changeable and dull Melbourne winter conditions; they really help you pick up details early that would be hard to spot otherwise.

On the move I had no issues with fogging, and in wet conditions the water kept moving off the glasses. Coming to a stop I found the glasses did fog up, but within seconds of moving off they had cleared.

If you’re a contact lens wearer like me, you’ll find the PivLocks™ provide good protection from dust and dirt build up. 

The Pivlock™ name reflects the pivoting mechanism design to remove the arms, a simple twist upwards and the arm is removed. The nosepiece is also simply removed by pinching it together with a ‘click’. Once you’ve done it a few times, changing lenses takes seconds and is easy to do without getting finger prints all over the lens.

We really liked that there’s absolutely no forcing or bending of the frame. Great for retaining those optics.

The Arena’s arms come in at 120mm and are not adjustable, we found that the shape did not cause any issues with our helmet, but it’s worth trying them with yours to make sure.

Finally there's the nose piece, it has two options, being wide and narrow, I preferred the narrow setting the glasses just felt firmer with little movement and it also kept them that extra few mm away from my face to keep air flow to avoid fogging in cool conditions.


The Pivlocks™ are available in a choice of 12 frame colours – each colour comes with one of seven lens  option plus a clear and low light lens.

On test – Matte White with Green Sol-X Mirror Lens 


RRP $249.95


Head to to find your nearest retailer. 


The Smith Pivlock™ Arenas are aimed at the premium end of the market and come in at a similar price to some other high end offerings. When you consider that they come with three quality lenses and offer great protection, quality and optics we think they are a top buy. 


  • Carbonic TLT lenses
  • Hydrophilic megol nose and temple pads
  • Medium fit / medium coverage
  • TR90 frame material
  • Hydroleophobic lens coating
  • Two-position adjustable nose pads
  • Slide-on temple tips
  • 7x4 toric lens curvature