Giro Atmos II Helmet 2015
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Today we are looking at the new 2015 Giro Atmos II. This is the next iteration of one of Giro’s top end helmets and has been a favorite of many riders and pros.

Lightweight, quality finish and full of technology the Giro Atmos is light, looks great and most importantly does a great job of protecting your head.

Mike Boudrie takes a closer look. 

First up an admission. I’ve owned two of the previous versions of the Giro Atmos and loved them. I’m pretty sure they both saved my life, once in a high-speed bike versus car and once during the final lap of a crit race. 


Giro is one of the big players in the helmet market and has been producing a wide range of helmets for years.

The Giro Atmos II is billed by Giro as offering ‘Legendary performance, style and comfort’. Until a couple of years ago it was Giro’s top of the line helmet until being superseded by the  

The Helmet is constructed using an in-mild polycarbonate shell with thermoformed SL reinforcement.  It’s finished with Giro’s Roc Loc 5 fit system and has 26 vents with internal channeling.  Our large size helmet came in at 294 grams.

The Giro Atmos also carries the all important AS/NZ 2063 certification sticker.

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The finish of the Giro Atmos is very high, the outer shell looks great and on closer inspection the inside is also well finished with no marks rough edges. The outer shell is actually bonded to the inner section, so is designed to stay intact in a crash. This allows the helmet to slide along the road potentially reducing damage.

The Roc Loc 5 fit mechanism has slimmed down and is now very minimal and lightweight, the adjustment levels are great and the straps are nicely finished.

If previous versions of this helmet were anything to go by we would expect that the new Giro Atmos to wear very well and continue to look great with minimal care.


Different helmets obviously fit some heads better than others, so it’s a personal thing.  We found the Giro Atmos really comfortable; it has a round to oval shape that allows a variety of odd head shapes to fit nicely.

Giro Atmos II 2015 7

The Roc Loc 5 mechanism works really well, it has load of adjustment and holds you head with even pressure.  We found the helmet stayed in place when we tipped our head upside down without the straps secured. A big tick there.

Another thing re really liked about the Rock Loc 5 and helmet shape was that it did not inferior with our sunglasses arms like some other helmets.

On the road the Giro Atmos is super comfortable, minimal to no movement and air flow through the 26 vents is excellent, helping keep your head cool.

Looks again are a personal thing. Theres a good range of colours available and the helmet loks great from side on and avoids looking too ‘mushroom’ like from the front.


Three Sizes – Small (51cm to 55cm), medium (55cm to 59cm), large (59cm to 63cm)


Six – Matte Titanium, Matte Black/White, Red/Black, Blue/Black, Matte Whie/Black, Matte Black/Highlight Yellow


RRP AUD$199.00

Where to buy

Visit the Giro website here to find your closest stockist


Packed with technology this is a great helmet at a reasonable price point. It will keep you cool on a hot day, the graphics are simple and clean, it has a high quality finish and should give you a high level of protection if the worst happens.

Giro Atmos II 2015 8


  • Featherweight webbing with Slimline buckle
  • Roll Cage™ Internal Reinforcement
  • In-Mold Polycarbonate Shell with EPS Liner
  • Thermoformed SL Reinforcement
  • Roc Loc® 5
  • 26 Wind Tunnel Vents with Internal Channeling
  • Weight: 270g (medium) / 294g (large)