Giro Synthe MIPS review

Giro Synthe MIPS review

The aero helmet market is hotting up. Giro's offering, the Synthe MIPS is designed to keep you sliding through the air as efficiently as possible, while providing airflow and solid safety. 


Images - Jarrod McShane

The Giro Synthe MIPS sits at the top of the Giro helmet pile. I've been riding around in one for the last few months. For my largish head, I have found it to be a very comfortable fit, with quick and very accurate adjustment that keeps it sitting in place without feeling like my melon is being squashed.

On the tech side this version of the Synthe is loaded with the MIPS (multi-directional impact system) that is designed to redirect energy and potentially reduced damage if the worst happens. When it comes to helmets I think it's worth investing in anything that is going to provide the few percent higher chance of saving your most important asset. 

On ventilation there's 26 wind tunnel vents to let air rush over your head, keeping sweat down and cooling you off. Jumping between my Kask Protone and the Giro Synthe I really noticed the increase cooling effect.

If you are one of those people that likes to wear caps (not hats) you'll be able to do that with the Synthe MIPS and there are easy positions for storing your glasses in the back vents (even though I'm sure the aero geeks will shake their heads at the idea of this). I also like the way the the design does not limit my sunnies choice with all the glasses I tried not hitting the helmet behind my ear.


I found fit was excellent, build quality is spot on, but this is no leightweight master piece, my size large tipped the scales at 337g grams. Compared to some of the newer offerings from Kask the giro feels hefty. 

When it comes to style I still think that the lower profile and aero helmets from KASK have got the edge on the Giro. While the Synthe is functionally excellent, I found that the Giro has a more bulbous or round profile that people associate with older style helmets.

Expect to pay around $375 for the Synthe MIPS. Find out more here.

We were provided the Synthe MIPS by Giro Australia for testing and review... this is not a paid review and we are fully independent.