Rapha Pro Team Rain Overshoes

In the final part of our look at Rapha winter kit we are taking a look at their Pro Team Rain Overshoes. Low profile and designed for the cold and wet, we’re hoping these solve the issue of freezing feet.

Words - Mike Boudrie   Images - Andrew Clifforth

Having freezing cold and wet feet can make a ride through the most amazing scenery pretty terrible. Keeping them warm is easier said than done. Over my years of riding I have gone through more pairs of overshoes than I want to think about… too heavy, not waterproof, lasted one ride… the list goes on.


With the Pro Team Rain Overshoes, Rapha has aimed to create foot protection that is lightweight, breathable and suitable for cold and wet conditions.  To do this they have used their Soft shelll fabric. It is high-stretch, has taped seams and water resistant zips. There’s also a toughened sole and pre-cut cleat and heel holes.


Overshoes tend to get a bashing even with moderate use. This offering from Rapha is well constructed and they feel tough. There’s extra reinforcement in the base and again around the cutouts. The zip is solid and soft shell fabric tough. It’s too early for us to make a full assessment on how they will last, but with 4 weeks heavy use they are still looking pretty much perfect.


We’ve had the ‘luxury’ of some of Melbourne’s coldest and wettest conditions to test these overshoes in.

In use, the first thing you’ll notice is that the soft shell material the overshoes are constructed from is thin but still has a tough feel. They definitely lack the bulk of the heavy neoprene overshoes.

The last thing you want at 5am when you’re heading out for a ride is to spend 10+ minutes trying to get your shoe covers on. Getting the Pro Team Rain Overshoes on an off is really quick and easy, I managed to have both on in less than a minute, the fabric has a good amount of stretch and the zip speeds things up.


On the road we paired up the Pro Team Rain Overshoes with the Rapha Climber’s shoes that we tested earlier in the year. These shoes are constructed with maximum breathability so a good test when it comes to cold and wet conditions

The overshoes provided great wind stopping performance, insulation is pretty good, but I found on hour plus rides in temperatures below 5 or 6 degrees I needed to make sure I had at least a thicker sock and on a couple of occasions, where temperatures have been closer to zero, I needed a pair of over socks under the Pro Team Rain Overshoes. To be honest in those really freezing temperatures the Rapha Overshoes are probably a better option.

When the rain came down I found that the Pro Team Rain Overshoes really did a good job, I got caught in sustained rain for almost three hours on one ride. It was only in the last 30 minutes that water worked it’s way into my shoes.


Available in four sizes – S, M, L and XL

Three Colour options – Green, Black, Red


RRP $105


Head online to www.rapha.cc


A hugely versatile overshoe option from Rapha, providing ease of use, protection from the wind, cold and rain in a low weight, low bulk option. Yes they are expensive, but we’re sure they will outlast over socks, while also providing you more protection.


  • Softshell fabric
    • Low-profile, aerodynamic fit
  • Durable sole panel
  • Pre-cut heel and cleat holes
  • Weather-resistant zip