F3 Cycling Form Mount review

F3 Cycling Form Mount review

I don't like loads of things hanging off the front of my bike. I have struggled to even put a computer on my bike because the mounts just  look clumsy... that was until the F3 mount landed on my desk.


Mounts for computers have been upping their game recently, as bike and parts manufacturers do their best to build a stem and bar combo that nothing on this earth will fit. I'm pretty simple, just running as 3T ergo nova bar and ST stem... it's almost old school. I like the clean look though, and the last thing I want is dirty great mount around (and potentially crushing) my lovely carbon bars.


Enter the F3 Cycling Form mount. It attaches fairly easily to the stem bolts with arms that can move to accommodate just about any spacing needed. It took me about ten minutes to get mine perfectly set. Once you add your computer it appears to hover in space in front of you. It's very nice, and I'm one of those people that more often than not rides sans computer or Strava. I like to keep my life simple. 

Other very cool and functional touches include an interchangeable mounting insert so that you can run a Garmin or Wahoo computer, and the option to add a mount to the underside to mount your light or gopro to keep things super tidy and out of site.


For the weight conscious out there, the mount comes in at an impressive 25 grams.

I'm going to put it out there and say this is the best computer mount on the market right now. 

The F3 retails in Australia for a shade under A$100, head over to Full Beam Australia to find out more.

Like all reviews at La Velocita, this review has not been paid for by F3, Full Beam Australia or anyone else. Full Beam were kind enough to let me hang onto the mount though!