Tune Geiles Teil Stem and Porteur Mount review

Tune Geiles Teil Stem and Porteur Mount review

The modern cycling cockpit can be a mess of mounts, lights, straps, and junction boxes. Thankfully Tune have been diligently working on a solution. The Geiles Teil 4.0 stem and Porteur mount are here to save you from disorder and uncleanliness. Gotta love those Germans!

Words & Images - James Raison

The Geiles Teil 4.0

This handsome fella is 110 mm of lovely 7075 aluminium with a lazer engraving of someone getting rad on a bike. Suitable. It tips the scales at a respectable 126 g in that length and has a slight 8 degree angle so it’s parallel to the ground. The bolts are 4 high quality Titan TiAI6V4 titanium. It’s designed to grab 1 1/8 Inch steerers and 31.8 mm bars. Standard.

On the road it functions a lot like a really nice stem. Not much surprise there. The big question most people ask is about stiffness? Is it stiff? Yes it is. It isn’t absolutely rigid though. Get out of the saddle and muscle your bars and the stem will flex a bit. But that’s more than fine by me. That little bit of compliance helps protect your hands from some of the nastier bumps out on the road. 

Special mention has to be made of the minimalist looks. An over-logoed stem can clash with the rest of your finishing kit but black goes with everything. Plus that logo. I just enjoy looking at it!

The Porteur

Tune’s Porteur is 26 grams of CNC machined aluminium designed to hold a Garmin in the top and a Di2 junction box underneath. It bolts directly into the bottom of the Geiles Teil stem with typical German precision. It’s designed specifically for the Geiles Teil so don’t expect it to fit any other stems. We have heard that it can fit on other stems with exactly the same bolt spacing but that's an adventure you'll have to take on your own!

The Garmin mount is superb. Click your unit in, for me an edge 520, and just ride. It grips the Garmin firmly, with no vibration or movement at all. It’s a logical place to have your computer as well, always in view and leaving you with clean bars and stem. It fit an Edge 800 with a small clearance to the stem but an Edge 1000 is likely too long to fit.

The junction box slides laterally onto the underside of the Porteur and sits there securely. It was the ugliness of the junction box that drove Tune to make the Porteur, as they explain: “Our proud Tune hearts suffered greatly when we had to attach the first Di2 junction boxes with cable straps to our beautiful stems. And to add insult to injury, we had to add a plastic mount on top of our sculptured stems for the Garmins as well…” It is indeed a harrowing tale. 


The Geiles Teil and Porteur are a fantastic way to clean up your cockpit. The Geiles Teil is a quality, svelte, minimalist, and plenty-stiff-enough stem. It’s good mate the Porteur is a damn classy looking way to mount a Garmin and junction box. If you’re a discerning, classy kinda cyclist who uses Di2 and a Garmin then this setup from Tune is a great way to clean up your rig.