Fizik R4B Uomo Black Shoes.

Fizik saddles are a common sight across the peleton and so we were interested to take a look at the company’s latest mid-range shoe - the R4B Uomo. 

Words and Images - Glen O'Rourke

It seems impossible to start this review without asking whether shoes should be white?  I would’ve said definitely yes - but this winter makes me question that view as I have been caught out without overshoes a few too many times this year. 

fi’zi:k’s range of road cycling shoes are developed in collaboration with leading professional cyclists – including David Miller and his collection of custom designs in his final year as a professional cyclist. The best technologies, materials, R&D, testing and manufacture techniques are used and trickle down throughout the range. 

The highlight of these shoes is the microfiber upper. It’s hard-wearing, light, and resilient with enough flexibility to ensure comfort for every rider’s foot, but strong enough to withstand the demands of racing, without any weight penalty. The diamond-shaped laser-cut perforations help temperature management and gives them a sleek stylish look. Next is the R4B’s single Boa IP1-A closure control. It is light, fast, secure, aerodynamic and comfortable and is perfectly complemented by a pair of light, neatly adjustable micro-straps.

The Boa system is easy to adjust with the turn of the wheel and the shoes feel comfortable and secure. Also a quick pull on the wheel provides a quick release so you can get your foot out without any hassle. The R4B’s injected carbon fiber outsole is stiff for power transfer and sculpted to aid aerodynamics. The sole also has ventilation holes that fit with the aero design. Combined with the comfortable fi’zi:k insole with sculpted footbeds and supportive heel to ensure that every precious watt goes straight into your pedals. Generally at this time of the year you need every watt you can get.

As every rider knows the fit of shoes is really important and even with a broad foot the shoes felt comfortable. Perhaps in the summer months when feet tend to swell they could be snug in the toe box area. It’s a personal choice so, if you can try before you buy. Besides in summer consider upgrading to the same pair worn by Phillip Gilbert the R1 in white. 

Overall we liked these shoes for the good bang for your buck price point very versatile with great features like the outer hard wearing microfiber upper and Boa closure system which happily will see you through Melbourne winter. I guess the only other question is what colour socks to wear with them?

Other information

  • R4B Uomo weighs just 254g
  • There are versions to suit men (“Uomo”) and women (“Donna”).
  • Two colour options. Black/Red or Black/Yellow Fluro.
  • RRP $259