Knog Blinder MINI niner twinpack

Knog Blinder MINI niner twinpack

Knog have pulled together a good looking, discreet and functional light that will make sure you get from A to B safely.

Words - Stu Moysey      Images - Supplied


The MINI Niner gets its name from the panel of 9 LEDs on their face. Total light blasting out of the small panel is 20 lumens on the front and 11 on the rear. The LEDs are surrounded by a reflective pane as well, helping you be visible even when the light isn't on. They tip the scales at a neglible 18g so they'll please weight weenies and minimalist hipsters alike. The Niners will wrap around standard and aero bars and seatposts.

Too many people argue that function follows form or vice versa, but what is you made a product where they can exist hand in hand?

The blindermini niner works perfectly as a secondary set of lights that you keep in the bottom of the backpack, at your desk or in the saddle back. They hold their charge very well and with an 11-hour run time, these are fun lights that won’t let you down. 

If I hand to draw a critic, these lights are to be seen with, not for seeing, their arc is a little bit broad and only casts light about 3 metres in front. However, if you’re riding under street lights, then they are perfect.

PROS: Good battery life, stylish, can fit aero and normal seatposts, get you noticed

CONS: Can be a little fiddly to put on, don’t cast light out more than 3 metres