Knog Straightjacket

Let's face it, locks are a boring but essential for those who need to keep their true love safe. Over the last 5 years, Knog has done a stellar job at making the humble lock sexy with fun colours, unique names and a quality product.

Words - Stu Moysey      Images - supplied

On first impression of the Knog straight jacket lock I was shocked at how heavy it felt, immediately I was intimidated by its heft and good looking finishing on both the chain and the lock.

The nylon cover is a handy protector for your frame, allowing you to strap and wrap this however you like to your bike. I tried a few different options, but found that a top tube back around the seatpost worked best for inner city commuting.

The locking system was super straightforward. It's just a classic padlock, covered in protective plastic, supplied with two keys.

If I had one criticism, it would be the length of the chain. While it wraps onto the bike fine, if you want to carry it another way, i.e. around your body or waist, it’s a little bit too snug. It measures up 80cm when unchained and laid out, but I struggled to get it around my size 30 waist.


However… this lock does exactly what it says on the packet. I even left it locked up in the middle of Footscray mall overnight just to prove that it was a good look and a solid anti-theft device.

If you want something a little bit less heavy for cruising around with, there is a Skinny which weighs in at 850 gram and still features the same 6.33mm hardened steel shackle padlock with brass bod that the Fatty sports. 

Pros: Great value for money, good overall security, your bike will be harder to pinch

Cons: weight, length of chain might be an issue for some.