Bak Pocket New Large Phone Wallet

Riding with your mobile phone with you is pretty much mandatory now. It's about safety, getting cool pictures and recording every second of your ride to strava. Back in the day my mobile was small, light and almost impossible to break. Now they are large shiny and fragile. Enter Bak Pocket with their new phone wallet that is capable of swallowing just about any phone on the market.


I've been riding around with my 'Original' Bak Pocket since March 2015 and it's still going strong, it even still fits my new iPhone 7 perfectly... But if you're one of those that has gone large when it comes to your phone the Original won't cut it any more. This means it time for you to move to the New Bak Pocket. It dwarfs the original at 160mm by 90mm and will take just about any phone you can throw at it. I managed to fit my iPhone 7, a spare tube, leavers and gas in mine without even trying. 

Like the original, it's constructed from neoprene and while not strictly waterproof, mine has done well at keeping the wet out in pretty terrible conditions. There's a hole for your headphones if you're one of those people, and the compartment is split in two to give you a small level of organisation. Unlike the original the new Bak Pocket has moved to having a zipper along the top edge. This is a massive improvement and makes access much easier. 

Toughness is good, the neoprene protects agains drop and I expect would do well in a fall and might even stop the contents digging into your body. Bak Pocket can also customise your wallet with your crew's name and logo... 

It's an uncomplicated solution to carrying and protecting your phone, and currently on sale for $22 (AUD) on price alone it's pretty much impossible to beat. 

Head to to grab one or two.

Thanks to Bak Pocket for sending us a new Bak Pocket to try out.