Henty Wingman

The Henty Wingman is the suit bag that is so much more. It can carry all you need for work and is built super tough to take anything you throw at it. It may just be the last commuting bag you ever need!

Words - Mike Boudrie     Images - Jarrod McShane


Henty is run by Jeremy and Jon, two ingenious guys based in Hobart.  They've spent a lot of time working on the design of their Wingman bag. The result is a super tough, go anywhere bag that can carry a massive amount, including suits and shirts, all while keeping them in ready to wear condition.

The Wingman is two bags in one. A larger suit and shirt section that can be rolled around a smaller cylinder shaped utility bag. You can use these bags together or separately.

The Wingman is designed to transport business suits, dresses, shirts, shoes, ipads, smaller laptops and accessories in a bag that can be easily carried in your back while riding.


The Henty Wingman is seriously well put together. All the materials used feel super tough and the stitching is heavy and looks robust.  We’re a huge fan of Henty bags at La Velocita and have used them extensively. There’s been no issue with the Wingman or any of the other Henty products that we own from a quality perspective.

Henty offer and repair or replacement service if you have any issues with your Wingman.


In use, the Henty Wingman can swallow a mammoth amount of gear. Ours easily takes a suit, a couple of shirts, shoes, laptop plus toiletries and other accessories. There’s even room for some food and there’s still more space...

While it’s designed specifically for suits and shirts, we have also used the Wingman to carry everything we need for cycling weekends away. No folding of your clothes. Love it. The cylinder shaped ‘utility’ bag will take shoes, tubes, socks, spares any all you need comfortably.

There’s an outside pocket that Henty say will take an iPad. It easily took our laptop plus a note book and some other stationary. 

Of course, being able to carry so much also means the Henty is large. When it’s fully loaded it can be pretty heavy. If you’re not used to wearing a Wingman it does take a bit of getting used to. This does not take long and the wide well padded shoulder strap and second smaller stabilising strap keep the Wingman in place while you are riding, making it a comfortable bag to use. 

In the rain the Henty does a good job of keeping your gear dry and protected. It does come with a waterproof cover that you can use to quickly cover the bag in heavier rain.

Once you get to your destination there’s a handy loop on the Wingman so you can hang it up unrolled and access your clothes while they hang on the built in hanger. 


The Henty Wingman comes in two sizes:

‘Wingman’ – As tested

  • 1.7kg / Rolled 56cm x 22cm x 25cm / Unrolled 56cm x 101cm
  • Comes with a gym / utility bag
  • 0.4kg / 50cm x 19cm cylinder / 14 litres

 ‘Wingman Compact’

  • 1.6kg / Rolled 48cm x 22cm x 25cm / Unrolled 48cm x 101cm
  • Comes with a gym / utility bag
  • 0.3kg / 42cm x 19cm cylinder / 12 litres  


The Henty Wingman retails for $219.00 


Head to Henty’s online store – www.henty.cc


The Henty Wingman is a great bag. If you’re a regular commuter that needs to get shirts and suits in and out of work you’ll wonder how you lived without it. Packing and unpacking is quick and the design does do a great job of keeping shirts and suits crease free. We loved that no folding is required and that the bag could carry everything we needed.

The Wingman is on the large side, some people might not like the size, but we think it’s a small price to pay for the storage capability. One thing that is for sure is that the Wingman is super strong and will handle daily use and abuse without missing a beat. 

We've got a Henty Wingman to give away!


  • Padded sweat pad for comfort and garment protection
  • High visibility water proof rain jacket with taped seams and reflective logo
  • Reflective piping and light loop
  • Large front pocket that includes organiser and padded pocket for iPad or tablet
  • Padded adjustable shoulder strap with easy locking cam buckle
  • Stabilisation strap
  • Top haul handle for wall/hook hanging
  • Foldable hook suit coat hanger