MAAP Team Bib 2.0 & Legacy Team Jersey review

MAAP Team Bib 2.0 & Legacy Team Jersey review

New kit day is always exciting, even moreso when it's a premium Aussie brand I haven't worn before. So tearing through the plastic and revealing the MAAP goodness inside was done with added enthusiasm.

Words and product shots by James Raison, Insanely epic Slovenia pics supplied by MAAP

MAAP has grown impressively fast in in its young life, driven by a consistent design aesthetic, collaborations, race and influencer sponsorship, and targeting the ever-normalising premium end of the market. It ain’t cheap, so I was keen to put this stuff through a long test period. Expectations shopuld be high when you're hitting $185 for jerseys and $295 for knicks.

Team Bib 2.0 

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No mucking around, these Team Bib 2.0s are brilliant. 

I've tested quite a lot of bibs at the $300 price point and these have become my favourite. They are consistently firm from bottom of the leg all the way through to the waist, something quite rare in my experience. Firmness starts with the dual layer bonded textile gripper around your leg. It's the freakin Wild West of leg grippers out there as brands scramble for new tech and points of differentiation. I’ve used gripperless, 3 inch grippers, 6 inch grippers, silicone bands, silicone dots, and even “Born to Climb’ written in silicone. MAAP have found a top solution here. 

Above the gripper you’re into the "premium Italian 4-way stretch fabric with compression properties adapts to your movement for better fit, performance and overall comfort." On the bike that means total freedom of movement and superb comfort. The excellent fit continues up into the bib brace. Being a man of tall stature, it’s pretty firm when standing up off the bike. Once hunched over behind the bars, they feel great. No undue tightness or rubbing.

The stars of the show: beautiful leg grippers and damn good chamois

The stars of the show: beautiful leg grippers and damn good chamois

But wait, there’s more. MAAP have served up a sterling slab of chamois. It’s very a-la-mode shape that I see in the majority of recent knicks, with a split channel down the middle. This one differentiates itself with dual density padding that’s thicker under your perineum and thinner under the meatier part of your butt. It feels especially good on channelled, snub-nosed seats like my Specialized Power saddle. They’re still great on the wide plank SQLab, and full carbon Tune Komm Vor + I use too. The chamois is also perforated to help with breathability, and has a lovely soft touch microfibre which makes it feel good against your sensitive skin. 

The sum total of all those design features is a truly outstanding feeling on the bike. I’ve always said that the best knicks are ones you aren’t aware of. They just support the ride, The Team Bib 2.0 are absolutely like that. It’s an absolute pleasure to ride in them.

Looking at the knicks, as I am right now, I realise they’re the first set I can’t find anything to criticise. Are these the best knicks I’ve used? They just might be.


MAAP team 2.0.jpg

The Legacy Team jersey is one silky smooth performer. You don’t so much put it on as slip into it. Fit favours the slender, with a size small wrapping around my bonebag frame. It’s got enough length for my 183 cm stature too.

It’s got an array of materials on offer with moisture-wicking micro mesh back and neck panels, anti-sag pocket materials, and smooth thin polyester on the front and sides. Those quality materials feel very nice on the skin and it’s one of the more pleasurable jerseys I’ve worn. It’s hot weather chops are bolstered with UPF 50 certified material all round to keep the nasty sun’s rays out.

The finishing touches are very nice too with a proper silicone gripper around the waist. I love a proper silicone gripper and it confuses me why they’re going out of fashion. Bring back the silicone grippers dammit! They’re just better. Oh, and the zipper! This is the best zipper I’ve had on a cycling jersey. I went through my entire jersey and jacket collection (which is substantial because I review a lot of stuff) and tested all the zippers. This is the best. It’s a homerun. It requires the least effort to pull up and down, plus it stays in place when you’re riding. Honourable mentions go to Spin Cycle, Biketivist, and Rapha for their killer zips.

Breathability, silky smoothness, generous pockets, and a proper gripper. Awww yiss! 

Breathability, silky smoothness, generous pockets, and a proper gripper. Awww yiss! 

Pockets are an unusual shape, both taller and narrower than standard. I can fit everything in I usually need (phone, wallet, tube, pump, and food) without issue but getting anything out can be a literal stretch because of that tallness. Thankfully the anti-sag material delivers on its promise and I didn’t have any annoying bounce when loaded.

I’ve ridden in the jersey quite a lot over the last few weeks - it being my first review kit for the upcoming summer season and It’s been a pleasure to wear every time. There’s just one problem. Sleeves. MAAP’s claims they will “fit a wide range of arm sizes” and yes, they fit around my arms, just poorly. They’re gripperless and my skinny biceps don’t fill them out. So they inevitably bunch and ride way up my arms. Cyclist packing bigger guns are unlikely to be bothered but the greyhounds among us will find their spindly limbs won’t fill this holster.


My first MAAP experience has been exceptionally good. Those Team Bib 2.0 bibs are stellar. I really can’t think of anything remotely negative to say about them. I love the fit, feel, the chamois and compression firmness. Hell, I even love their shade of blue. I will be wearing these a lot over the coming summer.

The legacy team jersey is very good, and only misses excellence by sleeve width. Materials are deluxe, pockets are generous, and it’s particularly good when the mercury rises. At $185, I’d say it’s pretty solid value as well and compares favourably to jerseys over the $200 price point.
For those who love premium kit and have the cash to splash, this gear from MAAP should be on your radar. It’s very good stuff.

Buy: Head on over to the MAAP website to buy the Team Bib 2.0 Bib and the Legacy Team Jersey.

Disclosure statement: this kit was supplied by MAAP for review.