Morvelo Wave Stormshield Jersey review

The Morvelo Wave Stormshield Rain Jersey is one interesting crossover: a race cut jersey that promises to keep the rain and wind at bay. 

Words - James Raison     Images - Lana Adams


Who knows more about getting rained on than the British? Nobody! 

The Wave Stormshield Rain Jersey is mostly made of a super thin FU-SE membrane without any internal brushing. This means you’re effectively wearing light a waterproof shell cut like a racey jersey. While the torso and back panels are focus on fighting the elements, the side and underarm panels are mesh though to help the heat escape. Sleeves are tight and elbow-length with silicon grippers. It’s all finished off with 3 generous rear pockets and a reflective trim.


Climbing into the jersey I was pleasantly surprised at how racey it’s cut. It fit nice and slim through the torso and has - and yes I’m serious - my favourite ever sleeves. Firm, and down to slightly above the elbow. That’s a proper sleeve. If I had to nitpick, and yes I do, it's a bit long at the back. I'm 183 cm tall and the size small reached well down my derriere. Shorter riders might find it a little too long. For me, it meant the jersey felt a little saggy.

Out into the chilly Adelaide Autumn I found the jersey is very warm. The waterproof membrane is a seriously effective barrier to the elements. It retains your warmth, and quite a lot of it. Far more than I expected from a jersey that feels so light. 

So in the dry this is an excellent jersey to fight cold conditions with its shielding properties. Now, that does have its consequences. Once you’re sweaty, you will stay sweaty and can end up cold. No water in means no water out. The under-arm panels do a good job of venting those areas but your back and shoulder sweat will be trapped inside the jersey. That’s the deal on offer here. 

I’ve headed out into some pretty solid rain showers to test its waterproof credentials. The rain wasn’t torrential but it was consistent for about an hour. Plus there was some serious road spray filling my shoes and drenching my backside. Under the jersey? Bone dry. This thing is legit. I think of it as a hard-shell race-cut jersey. It’s quite an impressive feat to make a waterproof membrane fit and feel similar to a regular jersey.


This is one versatile winter jersey. It’ll keep you dry in a solid amount of rain and warm in some sub-10 degree temperatures with a base layer. It breathes in some, but not all places. The fit and finish is pretty good too. Its biggest strength is its only weakness though; it keeps rain out it keeps your sweat in. Wear it in the right conditions and it'll take good care of you.

Purchase: The Morvelo Wave Stormshield jersey can be purchase from our kit partner Cycle Closet.

Disclosure statement: This product was supplied for review by Cycle Closet. It is now a paid review and we do not receive any proceeds from the sale of Morvelo.