Tenet Supply Zeppole jersey review

Tenet Supply Zeppole jersey review

We got our hands on one of Tenet Supply’s first run of jerseys to see what’s what. How does it fit in the ultra-competitive-ultra-cool Australian kit scene?

Words - James Raison     Images - supplied by Tenet Supply


Tenet Supply is one of Australia’s newest kit makers. It’s run by Vic and Lewis, two fresh-faced Adelaide youngsters looking to forge a niche for Australian-made performance gear with an artistic edge. We profiled them at length recently, so head over to the Tenet Supply profile if you want to know more. The sparknotes are this: it’s made in Australia from Italian fabrics and the pattern is based on one of Vic’s artworks. 

The jersey itself is refreshingly sensible. Proper, confidence-inspiring grippers around the waist and the sleeves keep the racey-cut jersey in place. There’s 3 rear pockets, with the side pockets sporting an angular cut so you can get things in and out easily. A full YKK zipper ends at a low-cut collar. The only brand logo is stashed away under the right rear pocket. The design is the star of the show here.


This is an excellent example of how modern kits should fit. It’s long and firm through the body so it suits a tall ‘n’ slim rider like myself. Arms are similarly proportioned and reach down to slightly above the elbow. Rock solid all around.

Can't get enough of that cut.

Can't get enough of that cut.

Riding in the Zeppole is a pleasure. The ultimate goal of any kit maker is to make gear that you don't have to think about and this is one of those jerseys. 

The grippers and firm cut mean the jersey stays in place. Far too many race or aero focused jerseys have insubstantial elasticated or gripperless waists and arms that simply don’t work. That can mean creeping sleeves and sagging pockets. None of that here, just a jersey that stays in place once you’ve put it on.

I noted the Zeppole's material felt ever-so-slightly glossy compared to the other kits I’ve tested recently. To the touch, it’s not as luxurious feeling as some other jerseys in its price point. Its claims of breathability are fair, but I found it much more suited to cooler temperatures. The Australian kit scene is awash with ultra-light and super thin jerseys that do well in the scorching summers but can be get chilly once the mercury drops. The Zeppole is a cracking jersey for milder days. 

Spot the only logo: bottom right.

Spot the only logo: bottom right.


Tenet Supply’s first jersey doesn’t feel like it’s their first jersey. They’ve clearly focused their efforts on the fundamentals; good fit and good function. The kit market is loaded with jerseys at this price-point of around $179 AUD but Tenet Supply distinguish themselves with Australian manufacturing and totally unique aesthetics.

Fabric is the weakest part of the overall package but that reduced breathability is only a problem in hot weather. Tenet Supply is a kit maker worth watching. They've done very well on their debut offering and I look forward to seeing what they come up with in future. 

Head over to the Tenet Supply website to purchase.