Audax Alpine Classic 2016

The Audax Alpine Classic is back on 24 January 2016. With nine distances starting at 60km all the way through to the massive '320km Ultimate' there's a ride for all abilities.

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We're big fans of the Audax Alpine Classic long weekend, and have ridden various distances over the past 10 years, it's an event that we just keep going back to. We were thrilled when Audax approached us to feature this event. Why? Awesome scenery, challenging climbs, fantastic atmosphere and top organisation and support. 

So, if you've not been involved in this ride before, it's time to take a look and get involved.

Video by Nathan Kaso on Vimeo.

The Audax Alpine Classic is going to be celebrating its 30th year in 2016. Billed as 'Australia's toughest 1 day ride' there are rides on the day that are strictly for for serious and well trained rider. The great thing about this event is that there are rides for a range of abilities allowing people of all levels the opportunity to test themselves against a range of distances and climbs.

We take a quick look at each ride.

320km - 5,500m of climbing – 4 Major Climbs - The longest, toughest, single day Alpine road ride in Australia.

4am or 6.30am start - 8.30pm cut off (both rides) - Note there are qualifying requirements for this ride.

Difficulty - Extremely Hard! This ride is not to be underestimated, Buffalo, then back to Bright and out on at 250km loop including the notorious 'back of Falls'. You'll need lots of quality k's in your legs to get through this one.

250km - 3 Major Climbs - Hotham, Falls Creek, Tawonga Gap.

4am or 6.19am start - 8.30pm cut off (both rides) - Note there are qualifying requirements for this ride.

This is still a very tough ride. Rated as 'Extremely Hard' it takes on Hotham, the back of Falls and Tawonga gap. No escape.

200km - 3,600m of climbing - Want to take on 200km? Mount Buffalo, Tawonga Gap, Falls Creek, Tawonga Gap. There's two options.

“The Original Distance” - New Ride Route 2016! - 6.30am start - 8.00pm cut off. 

Sunrise Over Buffalo - 4am start - 5.30pm cut off.

Regardless of which of the 200's you choose you're in for a great ride. Rated by Audax as 'Very Hard' we love this ride, Buffalo early in the morning, blasting up and over Tawonga before the spectacular Falls climb... then one last push over Tawonga and home. Sounds simple? 

140km - 2,300m of climbing -  Mount Buffalo, Tawonga Gap times two (turn at Mt Beauty)

6.40am start - 4pm cut off. This is still rated as 'Hard Plus' - You still get to see the spectacular views that Buffalo offers then take a trip over Tawonga and back. Alpine roads, good climbing. 

130km – 2,300m of climbing – Tawonga Gap, Falls Creek, Tawonga Gap.

Start Time – 7.00am - 3.40pm cut off. Like the 140km, this is a cut down version of the 200km. Still rated as 'Hard Plus' by Audax you'll need to get your training in the hills before taking this one on. We think it's a bit easier than the 140km...

70km - 1,013m of climbing - Mt Buffalo return.

Start Time - 6.40am - 11.20am Cut off. Want to experience a Victorian Alpine climb, with a climb of 20.9km at an average of 4.8%? There's spectacular views to reward you for your effort... plus, this climb is no walk in the park. Rated by Audax as 'Hard' you can still get a real taste of what the bigger rides are like.

60km - Over 1,000m of climbing - Bright to Mt Beauty return, Tawonga Gap double.

Start 7.00am - 11am cut off. The shortest ride on offer still has a generous 1,000+m of climbs and you take in both sides of Tawonga Gap. A great introduction to Alpine riding, this ride breaks the climbing into two, giving you a chance to recover before taking on the shorter, but steper second climb. If you've recently discovered riding, or want to do a few rides during your time in Bright this is a great one to try.

250km - 2 days - follow the Alpine Classic Extreme route.

Want a taste of touring in the Alpine region? The Alpine raid takes place on 23rd and 24th of January 2016. You'll just need to organise accommodation in Anglers Rest or Omeo. Audax takes care of most meals and transports your luggage. 


Sunday 24 January 2016


Bright, Victoria - Depending on ride choice takes in Mt Buffalo, Falls Creek, Mt Hotham, Tawonga Gap.


Nine ride options - 60km, 70km, 130km, 140km, 200km (2 route options), 250km (1 or 2 day option) and 320km.

Buffalo in perfect conditions

Working hard on the ACE250 route

Kirra enjoying the 'flat' land between Hotham and Bright

Getting c;ose t the top of Hotham, one of the most spectacular parts of the ACE205 and Ultimate 320 ride.

Visit for entries or to find out more. 

Check out all the Audax Alpine Classic 2016 Profiles at

Check out all the Audax Alpine Classic 2016 Profiles at

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