Gravelaide Grinduro

The innaugural Gravelaide Grinduro event on 30 October seeks to explore some of the less-travelled paths through the gratuitously pretty Adelaide Hills. Event organisers have served up a menu loaded with gravel, quiet back-roads, and burgers. Count us in!

Words - James Raison        Images - Graeme Thiessen (The Sticky Bidon)


Gravelaide Grinduro is the brainchild of three local vitamin G addicts Peter Gratwick, Graeme Thiessen and Russell Schrale. They’ve been keeping a close eye on the exploding American gravel scene, and the local success of the ‘Ol Dirty run by Hells 500. 

Philosophically, the event aims to “galvanise the gravel riding scene here in Adelaide; to bring like-minded individuals together and open people’s eyes to what is out there and waiting to be ridden once you turn and point your wheels away from the tarmac.”

It’s also meant to be fun-oriented and non-competitive. Instead the focus will be on a good experience and growing the gravel riding community. There will be some pre-determined timed sections for the dedicated Strava flogs (i.e. me) but the aim is for most people to finish in a relatively compact field.


It’s a secret! Seriously, I made threats, threw tantrums, begged, and offered bribes. All I got was this photo:

EXCLUSIVE photo of the super duper top secret route.

EXCLUSIVE photo of the super duper top secret route.

There will be two route options; 66 or 100km that start and presumably finish on the Mt Torrens Oval. That’s all I know! 

Participants are highly encouraged to bring tyres 32mm or greater and preferably sporting some knobbliness. Many of the roads are described as "well-groomed" but I have a sneaky suspicion it could get loose in a lot of sections. The organisers told me that you could be walking at some point. Consider yourself warned!


Organisers have ambitious plans for the Gravelaide Grinduro format: “more events, more participants, more fun… and, generally just get people out to various communities around SA to have a good time on bikes together.”

Entry cost is $45 and includes includes post race burger, hydration and undisclosed mystery goodies.

There’s a limit of 100 places so get in quick if you’re keen!

Event details:

Event organiser Graeme Thiessen runs rad cycling website The Sticky Bidon when he isn't scouting for Adelaide's sweetest gravel, check it out!